Good Fortune

Good Fortune Soap

A beautiful Sunday in Fairfield County–a perfect day for the Fairfield Arts and Crafts Show on the Green.  There was design inspiration everywhere–from the small teak garden chairs to the unusual beaded necklace (mostly turquoise) with a gold buddha charm.

But the best part of the day was meeting Maureen Anderson of Handcrafted Soaps–above is a photo of her Good Fortune soap, which you can purchase online (   First of all, I have to say I am not really a fancy soap person, but my four year old daughter is a fanatic. However, we had the good fortune to spend time with this amazing lady.  Maureen was charming and so willing to explain all about her products.

She had the most wonderful smelling DEET free Bug Spray.  Who would have thought bug spray would be my favorite product at the craft show?  But Maureen was quick to spray it on my daughter’s legs when she saw a mosquito on her.   And then when I told her that we were both allergic to so many things, she sprayed it on me.  We then walked around the rest of the craft show to see if either of us would have a reaction.  No reaction and we went back for our bottle of this amazing bug spray.  What could be better?  Great smelling, practical…and best of all great customer service…

Thanks Maureen!

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