Chicago, Chicago

On the long list of places we wish to visit, Chicago is nearly at the top.  My husband talks about it all of the time.

Now here is yet another reason to go…

Imagine stepping out 1,353 feet in the air into a 5 sided glass balcony on the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower.  Really, that’s glass under their feet (photos: Associated Press).

What an amazing view.  What design nirvana…

The Ledge, as it has been dubbed, will open to the public today.   The glass is an inch and a half thick and is designed to hold 5 tons.  Well that’s reassuring, right?

Do I have the guts?  Well, they say the first step is the hardest.  In fact, John Huston, one of the building’s property owners said “30 or 40 trips later, he’s got the hang of it.”

Now the best part, the announcement includes a 5 year $350 million green renovation.  Another great reason to visit.

–All quotes, facts, photos from Associated Press.


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