Wending up and down…


When I think about designing a staircase, it is not enough to consider the mere functionality of it–the simple ways of up and down countless times per day, folded laundry in my arms.  It is far better to watch my daughter’s young mind endlessly fascinated–Shall I dare to not use the handrail?  Am I big enough now to climb two steps at a time?  She harnesses the energy of the staircase–going to, coming from, taking joy in the process not just the destination…

When our daughter was born, our friends expressed their concerns “You can’t have this staircase, she will get hurt!”  But our staircase is an element of the house that I was unwilling to change.  Honestly, I didn’t change the “scary” brick floors in the Kitchen either.  I just added some gates to the “dangerous” places.

I was probably a bit more cautious than most when she was first learning stairs and for a few years after.  After all, we do have open stringers, open risers and spindles placed far too wide apart.  But to change them would have been a building code nightmare and have ruined the integrity of the design.  I think we would have had to put in an entire new staircase.  Four years later, she has yet to fall through or down or out…keep your fingers crossed.

I fell in love with the architecture of my home, as you fell in love with the wonderful elements of your home.  Why would I change it?


2 Responses to “Wending up and down…”

  1. Patti Kekelik-Terpstra Says:

    Love your staircase! Glad you never changed it. Just goes to show you how if you dedicate the time you child will adapt. Or perhaps if you can’t invest solely in one child (I had 4) the youngest will learn not to fall through from trial and error!
    How do you get on your mailing list? I’ve caught up today on all your Blogs~ they are outstanding ~ but I need reminders of when you put a blog out there.

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