Lush under foot

I had the pleasure of attending an event at Artifact in Wilton the other day.  One of the speakers was Malene of malene b.  For those of you who don’t know her yet…get ready.  Her designs are fantastic.  Her inspiration like mine…is her travels.  And has she traveled!

Malene showing her rug samples

Malene Displaying her Rug Designs

For each rug sample, Malene showed us her inspiration boards.  First of all, a photograph can not begin to do justice to the quality of her work.  She hand draws all of her artwork.  Above is Cowrie from the Classic Collection, based on cowrie shells.

Malene’s background is in textiles, so she knows what the factory needs to do to bring her designs to life.  The textures are unbelievable.  One person attending wondered how anyone would want to walk on them.  Personally, they were so lush, I could not wait to sink my toes into them!

Malene b room setting wolof_367x534

Above is Wolof, inspired by the women of Senegal.  Tell me you didn’t have to look twice to see that this amazing design is of women!  Aren’t the colors yummy?  You can specify the colors you like and Malene will provide you with a sample.

Malene b masks_367x534
This is Masks.  The depth is provided not only by the contrast in color but by varying the weave and the materials.  She designs “according to fibers and to specific technique.”

Market Women

Malene described Market Women above as “global icons done in a classic textile repeat.”  As you can see in this photo, her rugs can be used wall to wall not just as area rugs.  The options are limitless.  Each rug is custom made: size, texture, colors.

Elizabeth Clark of Artifact said of Malene “Your spirit is in your work.”  I am in love with Malene’s fresh innovative approach to textiles.

Take a trip with me to see malene b…you won’t be disappointed.  I guarantee it.


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