Tile by Tile

One of the great joys of being an Interior Designer is learning something new every day.  The other is being surrounded by experts who are passionate about what they do and are exceptional at providing the very best customer service.

The other morning, I met with Carlos Drake, Store Manager and Ken Harrington, Design Consultant extraordinaire of Ann Sacks Greenwich.  Ken has already worked with me on a project for a client and asked me in for a tour of their great new product lines. Ken wowed me with his presentation.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Ann Sacks Aura

Ann Sacks Aura

Aura–the name is great and the photo doesn’t nearly do it justice.  You simply have to see this one to catch its depth, richness and vibrancy.  This is art on glass inspired by the landscapes of Israel.  This tile breathes life.  I want to put the lava color as one sheet (yes we can custom order as one piece) on a focal wall in a jewel box powder room…mmm…

Ann Sacks Artiste_Mosaic_EasternStar_Repetition

Ann Sacks Eastern Star

Everything old is new again and what’s not to love about Eastern motifs.  Imagine dancing the night away in a contemporary home with this sleek yet classic mosaic of stone and stainless steel under foot.

Ann Sacks Koi

Ann Sacks Koi

Koi is a modern interpretation of the classic Japanese style of glazing.  This tile has to stand alone, because you will just have to run your fingers over its great texture!

Ann Sacks Parquet CharlesStone_Install_aab07164

Ann Sacks Charles Stone Parquet

This is a tile.  Hard to tell.  Made of composite, it is designed to look like Parquet wood flooring…unbelievably realistic looking. And it’s much easier to install, clean and maintain than wood flooring. A win, win, win in my book.

Ann Sacks AvalonII_Color_CocoaBeige

Ann Sacks Avalon II

Last but not least, this updated line of Avalon has the deepest neutrals I have ever seen.  This is so rich it reminds me of perfectly painted straight lines. I can just picture this as a feature wall behind a contemporary bed–crisp white linens, unfussy, no headboard required.

(All photos from Ann Sacks website)


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