Now you’re Cooking

Kitchens are my favorite room to design. Maybe because I love to cook (and eat).  I have an obsession with making kitchens functional. Nothing drives me more crazy than not having the pots and pans near the stove or the dishwasher out of reach of the dishes. Kitchens should make cooking easier and more fun.

Recently, I was in Kitchen nirvana. I attended a professional cooking demonstration at Miele. And yes, we did eat food cooked right there in their kitchen-in a word-yum!

First of all how much fun is the architecture of the cooking demonstration room-the floating ceiling with Ingo Maurer Birdie hanging lights, ovens backlit with color changing LED light, large tables and Verner Panton chairs.   See how all of the ovens are the same size in each column so that you can custom design your oven and warming drawer layout.  I could not live without my warming drawer!

miele nyc showroom kitchen

Miele NYC Showroom Kitchen

While we noshed on Steamed Shrimp, Lynn Anne and Barbara demonstrated the many features of the Master Chef Oven. You can cook pretty much anything in this oven and use Convection to speed the cooking time for your Thanksgiving turkey.  But the more important feature is that because of the dual fans there is no flavor transference.  You can cook salmon and cookies at the same time and the cookies will not taste like the salmon.  I know because I ate the sugar cookies–and they tasted like sugar, delicious!  The Master Chef Oven is like having a chef in your Kitchen: just enter the type of food and the oven will give you suggestions on cooking time.  The other great feature is that the oven has a Sabbath feature which will keep the oven on for 72 hours–unbelievable.

miele speed and convection ovens

Miele Speed and Master Chef Ovens

Then we ate Roasted Salmon on Mixed Baby Greens prepared  in the Master Chef Oven on Convection Mode while we learned about the virtues of the Speed Oven.  The Speed Oven can be used as a microwave, convection oven, traditional second oven.  The most amazing thing about the speed oven is cooking baked potatoes.  They bake on convection with occasional bursts of microwave to speed cooking, so the microwave doesn’t change the texture of the potato. If you have ever microwaved a potato to speed things up, you know how it just does not taste or feel the same…  I definitely have a Speed Oven in my future.

miele steam oven

Miele Steam Oven

There are no words to describe the Beef Tenderloin cooked in the Master Chef Oven on AutoRoast with sides of Corn in Cilantro Lime Butter, Spinach cooked with gorgonzola and pine nuts and Focaccia Bread cooked in the Master Chef Oven with a Miele Pizza Stone.  A veritable feast for the eyes, nose and tastebuds, while Lynn Anne demonstrated all of the features of the Steam Oven. You can cook four different dishes in this oven simultaneously with no flavor transfer. You could not find more perfectly cooked vegetables-divine.

miele built in capsule coffee

Miele Built in Coffee System

Dessert was a Key Lime pie — the crust was cooked in the oven and the key lime filling in the steam oven–it could not have been any better.   Cappuccino served from the Miele Built In Single Cup Coffee System was one of the best cups I have ever had–strong with a great foamy head…delicious…  If my husband finds out about this, we will have to lose precious kitchen storage space to the Coffee System. He is a cappuccino fanatic.  Move over Starbucks…

I could continue on for hours about the fantastic features of the Miele refrigerator, freezer and wine storage, but then you would have no reason to join me at Miele for a product demonstration. And you wouldn’t want to miss out on that great meal, would you?

(All photos from Miele USA website)


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