Tree of Life continued…

“The art of living is in making the right mistakes.”  –Stefan Schulz

I am the first to admit that I am technologically challenged.  If you need a computer geek, please feel free to call my brother who has received all of the family gifts in this department.  Don’t ask him to help you choose a paint color or help you get a great sofa or find just the right recycled glass tile…then you can call me.

So in addition to having a blackberry with a mind of its own this week and several trips to Verizon, I have managed to lose a section of my Tree of Life photo blog.  I only found this out because in a wonder of technology that I don’t comprehend, a reader sent me a note about my blog on Facebook.  My first thought was “I don’t get it.  How did he read my blog?”  My second was “How cool that he read my blog!”

He is Robert Corin Morris (Bob), long time family friend and spiritual mentor.  Bob is an author, Episcopal priest and Director of Interweave.  He pointed out that the logo of Interweave, which I did in fact remember Bob, is the Tree of Life.  I tried to copy it here but can’t figure out the technology (a theme)…  But you can go to this link and see the amazing image.  As mine is a design blog, I will take poetic license in sharing this wonderful graphic design logo.  Not to mention have the opportunity to plug a great  organization with vastly talented people!

Tree Of Life Tapestry

Tree Of Life Tapestry

Above is the missing photo.  This tapestry is my daily inspiration as I walk in my front door, reminding me to stay grounded in family, friends and faith while reaching for my dreams.

I purchased it through a Fair Trade Cooperative in Bethany Beach, DE while we were on vacation this summer.  I love to choose fascinating objects through Fair Trade to accessorize my home and my clients’ homes.  Not only do you have the pleasure of owning a beautiful handicraft, but also have the opportunity to support people in countries that may not have the opportunities that we do.

Necklace by Satya for Housing Works

Necklace by Satya for Housing Works

I just have to show this great necklace one more time, so that I can tell you why I love it so much.  This necklace was designed by Satya in conjunction with Housing Works.  The proceeds of this necklace go directly to “benefit homeless and low income New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS.”  If you are in New York City, stop by one of the four wonderful Satya boutiques and take a look at their great jewelry designs.


2 Responses to “Tree of Life continued…”

  1. sara baldwin Says:

    One of my all time favorite motifs!!! Fyi James Stuart Duncan has an amazing tree of life rug called “twiggy” (see which is incredible as a floor mosaic as well. Thought you might like it 🙂

    • averydesigninteriors Says:

      Hi Sara! Thanks for the link to the tree of life rug. I have always loved the work James Stuart Duncan does for Tucker Robbins and apparently, for New Ravenna, which I did not realize until now. Great to know.

      I checked out your blog and have to pass on to all how much I love the Beau Monde line at Ann Sacks. To see it, go to Sara Baldwin’s blog at

      Be well!

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