“Simply Red”

Today I spent the day in the city and so many wonderful things happened it will take days worth of blogs!  Don’t you love when you get lots of new blog material?

I attended the What’s New, What’s Next event at the New York Design Center and it was great!  The theme color was red. Now red can be a bit overwhelming if not done right.  But Kravet had the most sophisticated red party set-up by far.  It was red in passionate pops so restrained as to be elegant.  I entered through two bunches of red and white balloons and made my way past the beautiful display of red and white desserts.  Those of you who know me will guess (correctly) that I went back.

Kravet Showroom-What's New What's Next

Kravet Showroom-What's New What's Next

Tucked in the back corner was this view that struck me in its simplicity-just white cupcakes iced in red and a few red gerbera daisies in a vase scattered here and there.   I love flower arrangements of all one color, all one flower! The drink options were pink champagne or seltzer with lime.  The desserts included brownies (ok not red but so delicious), tarts filled with cream and topped with a bright red raspberry, raspberry linzer cookies and my favorite, red velvet cupcakes topped with cream cheese.

In this time of trying to streamline what is already a too busy life, but also wanting to be surrounded by great friends in your beautiful home, can’t you just envision having a “simply red” theme party?   How much simpler could it be?  Talk about great design…


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