More red…

I love the color red.  I love to wear red, my dining room is red, I love it as an accent color when it’s leaning towards copper against a pale green.  I’m still gearing up for my red car–stay tuned…

Wednesday night, Newell Turner of House Beautiful challenged a roomful of interior designers to take the color numerology test (really) at the Benjamin Moore showroom in the New York Design Center.  There are only three Benjamin Moore showrooms across the country–we tri-staters who are in to color are so lucky.

Now this numerology test was tricky, because as a married woman, do I use my maiden name or my married name?  I chose my married name partly because it’s shorter (I grew up with a full name that has as many letters as the alphabet) and mostly, because I think of myself as Catherine Avery.  After 6 years of marriage apparently I am still crazy about my husband.

Imagine my amazement at discovering that my numerology color is (drum roll) #1 or red.

So this is #1 Red: “The most dominant personality.  A visionary and risk-taker: energetic, passionate, tenacious, flamboyant, and courageous.”  Hmmmm…well, I’m an entrepreneur and that’s pretty risky and certainly takes a lot of courage.  I stay up until all hours running my business which requires both energy and tenacity.  And if you are going to work this hard at your own business then you had best be passionate about it!  Not sure about flamboyant though…feel free to weigh in…

bioMi Chair Giovanni Pagnotta

bioMi Chair Giovanni Pagnotta

Which brings me to Giovanni Pagnotta’s bioMi chair made of carbon fiber.  This is the most surprisingly comfortable chair and it’s sooo sexy red–look at those curves.  I was not at all surprised to hear that Giovanni’s design is influenced by Formula One–vroom…  I sat in this chair during an evening event at Design Within Reach Greenwich last week and still can’t get it out of my mind.  Meeting the designer and his entire family–all lovely–was a fantastic part of the night.  Giovanni is not only a talented designer but a truly wonderful human being.  It was such a fun party with tasty beautiful Knipschildt ‘to die for’ chocolates from Chocopologie (right here in my hometown of Norwalk, CT).  Hoping Design Within Reach Greenwich has many more events–they are on to something!

P.S.  DWR has a great blog too.


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