Orange you glad it’s Halloween…

Welcome to my spooky visual trip through all things modern and orange…

orange desk 51 blu dot

Desk 51 Blu Dot

How could a desk be more simple and sleek looking?  With a keyboard tray, it’s not only fun but functional.


Colombo Storage Trolley

This storage trolley next to your streamlined desk 51 would allow you to hold all your supplies and keep that working area tidy.  Or roll it to the next room for an arts and crafts project.


Egg Chair Arne Jacobsen

The classic Egg Chair looks amazing pulled up to the fire place as a focal piece in a transitional Family Room.


Poldo Como from Conran Shop

Who thought Rococo could look so hip!  Imagine this in a gloss white dining room with a black ceiling and clear glass table.  It’s all about the console…

George Nelson Ball Clock

George Nelson Ball Clock

The ever loved George Nelson Ball Clock available from Design Within Reach is perfect for a pop of color in your kitchen.

Blob Ceiling Lamp Karim Rashid

Blob Ceiling Lamp Karim Rashid

I can’t think of Halloween and bright orange without thinking of the invigorating color palette of Karim Rashid.  The Blob even sounds a bit spooky…

orange aarnio pony chair hive

Eero Aarnio Pony Chair

Can’t forget the kids with this fun Pony Chair–after all Halloween is their day..

Though we were trick or treating on Safety Street in Fairfield yesterday and could not understand why their weren’t treats for grown-ups.  How about Coors Light from the bar, a diamond from the jewelry store and some cash from the bank?  Gives a whole new meaning to Halloween, doesn’t it?

Wishing all a Happy Halloween!


Shall we dine?

Thinking about next week’s invitation to the New York Times Taste of T at the Architects and Designers Building in New York City.  I have never been before.  Since I’ve already waxed poetic about kitchens and still I can’t get my mind off of food, I thought I would share some of my all time favorite dining tables.

S Table Xavier Lust

S Table by Xavier Lust

S Table by Xavier Lust is made of Ecotek,  which is low maintenance and recyclable. I love the sinuous curves–the purity of the white allows the table to be all about the form.

DR Riddled + led table horm

Riddled with LED by Steven Holl

Steven Holl designed this magnificent Riddled Table with LED lighting for Horm.  What could be more romantic than the interplay of shadows and light.

DR simplicity table carlo santambrogio

Simplicity Table by Carlo Santambrogio

This is a great dining table for a couple that hosts lots of parties.  Between fingerprints and sharp edges, I would not recommend it for families with young children.  But I still love the simplicity of the lines–it’s clean and sculptural looking.

DR ovale_iv_table brueton

Ovale IV by J. Wade Beam

I love the detail of the stainless steel balls holding up the sandblasted glass top.

DR mandarin_table stanley jay friedman brueton

Mandarin Table by Stanley Jay Friedman

How could I resist this modern take on a classic Asian architectural motif?

DR aqua table zaha hadid

Aqua Table by Zaha Hadid

Made of gloss finished polyurethane, this sinuous table comes in black or white.  What a dramatic statement and no surprise from the master of unusual forms, architect and designer, Zaha Hadid.

Borgonova tavolofix_3735

Tavolo Fix by Pinuccio Borgonova

The glass top floats above legs of stainless steel, ebony or walnut.  I could picture this in a contemporary Manhattan apartment.

Hope you enjoyed this preview of next week’s dining experience.  Can’t wait to let you know about Taste of T.

Bon appetit!

Monkeying Around

With High Point Market being all the talk in the interior design world right now, it is only fitting to be thinking about furniture (and lighting).  I love the designs from Clayton Oxford, not only because they are beautiful and influenced by Clayton’s global travels, but also because they are sustainable.  Open year round in Dallas, Texas, the North Carolina showroom was open this past week during High Point Market.

Clayton Oxford Table

Clayton Oxford Table

I can imagine this table in a contemporary dining room.  Hand crafted of recycled plantation hardwoods and stainless steel legs, it has great contemporary lines and is rich in its simplicity.

Clayton Oxford Monkey Chandelier

Clayton Oxford Monkey Chandelier

How much fun is this Monkey Chandelier hand crafted with various types of shell inlays?  I know you’re thinking this is perfect in the corner of a little boy’s room, but wouldn’t it be cheeky in your front Foyer?  What a great cocktail party talking point!

Island Light

Clayton Oxford Island Light

Another great ceiling fixture, this Island Light made of shell inlay and stainless steel would look super sleek over a pool table.

Clayton Oxford Monkey Pod Wood Barstool

Clayton Oxford Monkey Pod Wood Barstool

Fact is I just love the idea of saying Monkey Pod Wood.  This barstool has such contemporary lines while being organic and handcrafted.  I see these barstools warming up to a cool and sleek gleaming stainless steel bar.

Clayton Oxford Stainless Steel Chair

Clayton Oxford Stainless Steel Chair

Speaking of sleek modern stainless steel, this accent chair is handcrafted and hand polished.  It’s not every day you can see your reflection in a chair.  I see this pulled up next to a black velvet sofa in an ultra modern gentleman’s library where the bookcases are backed in leather.

Hope you enjoyed this tour through one of High Point’s many showrooms.

(all photos courtesy of Clayton Oxford website)

‘Keep on Dancing’…

Rosann Levy's Book

Rosann Levy's Book

I had the best time at a networking dinner on Tuesday night sponsored by Rebecca Hendrix of Ladies Who Launch.  My friend and graphic designer, Patti Terpstra, invited me, so I had no idea what to expect.    To my surprise, this was not your usual networking event of 30 plus people madly handing out business cards before the big speech.  Instead about 12 of us sat at a table enjoying a dinner of  delicious salads and pizzas at Fat Cat Pie Company in Norwalk.  Can you imagine how great the conversations were?  It was such a pleasure to get to know people in a small environment.

Rosann Levy, author of It’s Never too Late to Dance, was the guest speaker.  Her book is phenomenal.  It’s every person’s story and yet so uniquely hers.  Rosann’s message is about how important it is to never give up.  We all have lives, we all have our stories…they are all filled with moments of great joy and moments of deep sadness.  But no matter what, you should always keep on dancing.

So you are wondering what this has to do with interior design.  Well, there are days as entrepreneurs when no matter how good we are at what we do, we think I will just throw in the towel and get a day job.  And Monday night was one of those nights.  I just didn’t want to run my own company any more.  And yet it’s amazing the network of women I belong to.  They never let me give up.  They are always there to encourage me to keep on dancing.  And this time it was Rosann Levy at the head of the pack cheering me on.

So this is a special thanks to Rosann for a wonderful night and to Patti for inviting me to be a part of it all!

And no, I did not throw in the towel.  On Tuesday, I got my next great interior design client!  So far, we have chosen paint colors for his condo.  Who knows what could be next?  Stay tuned…

Seeing the light

Aquila Chandelier

Aquila Chandelier

Have you ever had one of those incredible spontaneous experiences–the kind where after you have it, you just know it was meant to be?  A few weeks ago when I was at the NYDC (200 Lex) for What’s New What’s Next, a woman in the elevator said “I am so glad to meet you.”  Who me?  So I said who I was and asked why.  She said that she liked what I said in our Blogging seminar.  I was leaving the event headed to the first floor after 7 hours of schmoozing, looking and learning and I was beat.  But I decided to flow with the moment and I got off the elevator with her at the Third Floor.

In progress was a party at Baker and the introduction of the lighting product line from Pagani Studio.  It was absolutely breath-taking.  Then just in case it wasn’t enough to enjoy the beautiful lighting, showroom and tasty hors d’oeuvres, my new elevator friend, Carolyn Sollis, introduced me to Stephane and Frouwkje Pagani.  We were given the full personalized tour and inspiration behind their various pieces.  The Paganis have an amazing sense of how to mix different materials with the expected to create something entirely new and refreshing.

The Aquila Chandelier, above, is how, in retrospect, I knew that this moment was meant to be.  It’s a chandelier that I saw several years ago and used for a school project–a commercial design retail space.  I have always loved this chandelier and of course, it comes from Pagani Studio.  I was so thrilled that after all of this time, I was not only able to meet these brilliant artists, but to share in the excitement of their evening.  Their lighting speaks for itself…

Mode Floor Lamp

Mode Floor Lamp

Don’t hide this behind the sofa.  It’s out in all it’s sculptural glory next to a comfortable chair in the Family Room.

Noir Sculpture Table Lamp

Noir Sculpture Table Lamp

In a master bedroom, because it’s so soothing as though you are looking up to a shadow of the moon through outer space.

Linea Sconce

Linea Sconce

I can just see these sconces in a Gentleman’s Library–his masculine, understated hideaway where he retreats to smoke his cigar and read the newspaper in the evening.

Perla Chandelier

Perla Chandelier

Last but not least, I saved my favorite for the Powder Room.  This chandelier is a statement piece, balancing a touch of feminine with a touch of whimsy.

(photos from Pagani Studios and Baker websites)

Power of Women

Earlier this evening, I met with the most amazing supportive group of women: Catherine Avery (the other Catherine Avery but that’s a story for another day), Patti Kekelik-Terpstra and Margaret Wagner.  They are all friends of mine through Entrepreneurial Women’s Network  (EWN).  We gathered in my home so that I could practice my Room Redesign class presentation, which I will be giving in five local continuing education programs in Fairfield County this month.  These women took time out of their busy Sunday evening to give me feedback on my presentation.  My first class is on Tuesday night at the Rippowam School in Stamford.  For more information, go to the listings on Moffly Media.

Where do I even start with setting the background to this fantastic meeting?  This was more than just a result of a commitment I made at a Remarkable Women Event held at Eileen Fisher last month.  The story goes back to a year and a half ago when I attended a Continuing Education course as part of my membership requirements for American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).  The course was called ’21 Results Driven Strategies for Growing your Business’ and was taught by Jane Pollak.  As she spoke, I knew two things: Jane must have gone to a women’s college (I went to Smith College–we can spot our ‘Seven Sisters’ right away) and she had something special.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew that I wanted it.

And that’s where these ‘remarkable women’ come in.  Jane suggested that I join EWN and it has changed my life.  I so look forward to the opportunities I have to interact with these dynamic and inspiring entrepreneurial women.  They have been my guides and my cheerleaders and sometimes told me those things I didn’t really want to hear, oh so gently…  What Jane has (and I wanted) was an amazing network of women.

Smith College Birthday Party

Smith College Birthday Party

Getting together with these women is like arriving back home after a long day of studying to the third floor of Wilson House (my dorm at Smith) to see my girlfriends and hash out the day with a cup of tea (ok not really tea), cozy pajamas and David Letterman.  May my college buddies forgive me for posting this photo from first semester finals!  And yes, in college we stayed up every night to watch Letterman.  Now, I graduated over 20 years ago, so Letterman was on after Johnny Carson.  How did we do it?  Now, my husband Tivos Letterman, so we can watch highlights at 9pm on Friday night right after my #FF tweet-up with my other great team of design women on Twitter…   Such is the life of a working mom.  And for the record, I wouldn’t trade it!

Tonight, at the top of my gratitude list are my women friends.  You are the best!

P.S.  I was right.  Jane graduated from Mount Holyoke.

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