Power of Women

Earlier this evening, I met with the most amazing supportive group of women: Catherine Avery (the other Catherine Avery but that’s a story for another day), Patti Kekelik-Terpstra and Margaret Wagner.  They are all friends of mine through Entrepreneurial Women’s Network  (EWN).  We gathered in my home so that I could practice my Room Redesign class presentation, which I will be giving in five local continuing education programs in Fairfield County this month.  These women took time out of their busy Sunday evening to give me feedback on my presentation.  My first class is on Tuesday night at the Rippowam School in Stamford.  For more information, go to the listings on Moffly Media.

Where do I even start with setting the background to this fantastic meeting?  This was more than just a result of a commitment I made at a Remarkable Women Event held at Eileen Fisher last month.  The story goes back to a year and a half ago when I attended a Continuing Education course as part of my membership requirements for American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).  The course was called ’21 Results Driven Strategies for Growing your Business’ and was taught by Jane Pollak.  As she spoke, I knew two things: Jane must have gone to a women’s college (I went to Smith College–we can spot our ‘Seven Sisters’ right away) and she had something special.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew that I wanted it.

And that’s where these ‘remarkable women’ come in.  Jane suggested that I join EWN and it has changed my life.  I so look forward to the opportunities I have to interact with these dynamic and inspiring entrepreneurial women.  They have been my guides and my cheerleaders and sometimes told me those things I didn’t really want to hear, oh so gently…  What Jane has (and I wanted) was an amazing network of women.

Smith College Birthday Party

Smith College Birthday Party

Getting together with these women is like arriving back home after a long day of studying to the third floor of Wilson House (my dorm at Smith) to see my girlfriends and hash out the day with a cup of tea (ok not really tea), cozy pajamas and David Letterman.  May my college buddies forgive me for posting this photo from first semester finals!  And yes, in college we stayed up every night to watch Letterman.  Now, I graduated over 20 years ago, so Letterman was on after Johnny Carson.  How did we do it?  Now, my husband Tivos Letterman, so we can watch highlights at 9pm on Friday night right after my #FF tweet-up with my other great team of design women on Twitter…   Such is the life of a working mom.  And for the record, I wouldn’t trade it!

Tonight, at the top of my gratitude list are my women friends.  You are the best!

P.S.  I was right.  Jane graduated from Mount Holyoke.


3 Responses to “Power of Women”

  1. janepollak Says:

    You packed in so much to this one post, Catherine. Thanks for the credit for introducing you to EWN. What’s SO special about you is that you take action on suggestions. So many people listen, nod, promise and set intentions. You ACT ACT ACT. It shows.

    • averydesigninteriors Says:

      Thanks Jane! It is a pleasure to know you and work with you. You are such a great inspiration.

      Ironically, today is Mountain Day at Smith College–they could not have a more perfect fall day. I love Mountain Day! Are you up for a hike later today?

      Happy Mountain Day everyone!

    • Catherine Avery Says:


      It was so much fun to help with your presentation! I learned so much more of your capabilities and your enthusiasm and expertise for design really shined through! Wishing you all the best!
      The other Catherine Avery

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