Shall we dine?

Thinking about next week’s invitation to the New York Times Taste of T at the Architects and Designers Building in New York City.  I have never been before.  Since I’ve already waxed poetic about kitchens and still I can’t get my mind off of food, I thought I would share some of my all time favorite dining tables.

S Table Xavier Lust

S Table by Xavier Lust

S Table by Xavier Lust is made of Ecotek,  which is low maintenance and recyclable. I love the sinuous curves–the purity of the white allows the table to be all about the form.

DR Riddled + led table horm

Riddled with LED by Steven Holl

Steven Holl designed this magnificent Riddled Table with LED lighting for Horm.  What could be more romantic than the interplay of shadows and light.

DR simplicity table carlo santambrogio

Simplicity Table by Carlo Santambrogio

This is a great dining table for a couple that hosts lots of parties.  Between fingerprints and sharp edges, I would not recommend it for families with young children.  But I still love the simplicity of the lines–it’s clean and sculptural looking.

DR ovale_iv_table brueton

Ovale IV by J. Wade Beam

I love the detail of the stainless steel balls holding up the sandblasted glass top.

DR mandarin_table stanley jay friedman brueton

Mandarin Table by Stanley Jay Friedman

How could I resist this modern take on a classic Asian architectural motif?

DR aqua table zaha hadid

Aqua Table by Zaha Hadid

Made of gloss finished polyurethane, this sinuous table comes in black or white.  What a dramatic statement and no surprise from the master of unusual forms, architect and designer, Zaha Hadid.

Borgonova tavolofix_3735

Tavolo Fix by Pinuccio Borgonova

The glass top floats above legs of stainless steel, ebony or walnut.  I could picture this in a contemporary Manhattan apartment.

Hope you enjoyed this preview of next week’s dining experience.  Can’t wait to let you know about Taste of T.

Bon appetit!


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