Five Ways to Make a Family Room Family Friendly (and a bonus)

Family Room

Family Room

1.  Furnishings need to stand up to kids, dogs, shoes, food, and general lounging about.  It’s worth spending the money on good quality seating that will last a long time.  Talk to your upholsterer or designer about scotch guarding or using more resistant fabrics.  And there’s nothing wrong with slip covering during the toddler years.

2.  Avoid sharp edges, especially on glass tables.  Rounded edges will provide a safer spot for a tumble from a young child.  Use soft comfortable ottomans as a coffee table, pint-sized seating or foot rests.

3.  Get down to your child’s eye level.  And yes, that means crawl around on your hands and knees.  You will be surprised what you find!  For example, this lamp’s cord is securely tucked away behind the console.

4.  Block off fireplaces.  Babies love to put everything in their mouths and of course, you would never want your child to touch a hot screen.

5.  Make sure flooring is safe and secure.  Add a rug pad under your rug if you don’t have one so that new walkers don’t slip and trip.

Bonus:  Use cabinetry or baskets to store young children’s toys, so that once they are in bed, the grown-ups can enjoy the Family Room without tripping on trains, dolls and blocks!

Now you can  focus on enjoying your family whether reading a book, snuggling on the couch or watching TV.

If you want to read more on Family Friendly furnishing, check out the article that I was featured in at, written by Jacqueline Rupp.


2 Responses to “Five Ways to Make a Family Room Family Friendly (and a bonus)”

  1. jessica Says:

    loving your site…and i appreciate your comment on my blog.
    i’d definitely invite you to the next party…*wink*

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