Rock and Roll…

Continuing with the great Holiday Extravaganza, here are some options for the music lover in your family-all from Restoration Hardware. Check out the special running online through tomorrow (November 30), spend $500 or more at Restoration Hardware and save $100.  Hope my husband isn’t reading this blog, because there isn’t a gift here he would not love!

Under $50

Beatles Monopoly

Watch out for the taxman as you work your way to Abbey Road in this Beatles rendition of Monopoly.  Perfect for the wannabe music mogul in your life.  When I was at NYU for business school in my pre-design life, a group of friends and I would get together about once a month for a high intensity game of monopoly.  I was surprised to discover how competitive I am…okay, those of you who know me well may now laugh as loud as you like!!!  Moving on…

Under $100

Large MP3 Amplifier

At $89 for the large ($29 for the small) how great is this MP3 Amplifier for your next party!  My husband would not even need the excuse of a party to crank this up.

Sky’s the Limit

Jimi Hendrix by Baron Wolman

This is just one of the Limited Edition Baron Wolman Prints available, $699 on special.  The others are Jerry Garcia and Jim Morrison.  It was a tough choice amongst the three, as I am a bit of a throwback (Wild Thing?) in the music department.  Now if they just had Janis Joplin, the Baron Wolmam print would top my wish list.


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