Christmas Decorating

Christmas 2007

When my husband and I got married we were a bit older (mid-thirties).  We each had homes and readily consolidated the best and most loved of what we had.  There were only two areas where we could not compromise.  The first is knives: his are Henckel and mine are Wusthof.  We are both cooks and particular about our knives or so we thought.  But typical of the years going by in a marriage, our knives are now all mixed together in the chopping block along with a few new ones.  Funny.

We also were unable to compromise on our ornaments.  So, yes Virginia, every year we put up two trees, except for Christmas 2007 when I was in the mad dash to finish design school, had pneumonia and was being mom to a two and a half year old toddling daughter.  Something had to give…  I could not very well ask my husband to skip his tree, so I gave up mine.

His tree goes in the Family Room (see photo above) and tends to be more casual with beautiful colored paper garlands hand-made by our daughter.  You can see that he is a big fan of trains and now our little one is too.  Who doesn’t love trains!  My tree is more formal and resides in the Library.  On Christmas Eve, we place the plate of home-made cookies and milk by the fireplace and then Santa calls (thanks to Uncle Richard who has a stellar ho ho ho) to make sure that our daughter skedaddles to bed and stays put.  Then by some North Pole miracle between Midnight Mass and morning, the gifts are carefully placed under the tree.  My Dad says the best Christmas present of all is watching his grand-daughter open her presents.  He’s right.  It doesn’t get better than this!

So here are some of the decorations I will be using this year.

Under $50

Crystal String Lights from Pottery Barn

I am a bit of a purist when decorating for Christmas and love white lights and candles.  These Crystal String Lights would look great wrapped through mixed greenery and draped across the formal Library fireplace.

Under $100

Eucalyptus Pepperberry Garland from Restoration Hardware

Even though this is faux, it looks so lush and real.  I would add the string of pillar candles from Restoration Hardware as shown and use this on our Family Room mantel.

Sky’s the Limit

Sanctuary Nativity Set from Gumps

I love Nativity Scenes.  This one is on my Christmas wish list and is now on sale for $159 at Gumps (husband take note!).  It is so serene and simple that it’s breathtaking.  I would display this in a very special place in my home, either in the Library or on the table at the Front Entrance.


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