Dinner is Served

In honor of my speaking engagement tomorrow night, Wednesday, December 2nd, tonight’s Holiday Extravaganza post will feature tableware for the holidays.  Lauren Nason of Axa Advisors, asked that I present a topic for holiday decorating at “Choose Your Destination”.  Other featured speakers include Georgette Geller of Axa Advisors and Alison Held of Health Direction.  The evening’s festivities begin at 6pm at the Gallery of Kitchens in Westport, CT.

So a little taste of tomorrow night’s talk.  I love to take something old, your great aunt’s favorite china perhaps, that has been languishing in your basement and update it with some fun current tabletop items.  These don’t even have to break the budget.

Under $50

Picasso Serving Dishes from Pier One

Just picture this bowl or tray filled with gold balls, greens or fresh fruit.  This would make a stunning centerpiece for your holiday table.  This is not your Grandma’s china!  (sorry Grandma…)

Under $100

Gold Chargers from Williams Sonoma

A set of four of these Gold Chargers is less than $100 and would dress up those boring dishes.  The glass bottom makes these very contemporary.

Twelve Days of Christmas Plates from Pottery Barn

There were so many great options in this category that I couldn’t stop at just one.  And let’s face it, I love china so much that I had extra storage cabinets built for mine.   Imagine mixing these great salad/dessert plates in with your everyday white china.  They would dress up your casual table for your Christmas morning breakfast.  Talk about a conversation starter!

Sky’s the Limit

Murano Gold Leaf Decanter and Tumblers from Gumps

I want these.  Need I say more.  This is Murano at its best with a clean contemporary look and just a touch of the classic.  These would dress up any table setting.

So what are you waiting for?  Go dust off the old china and start mixing and matching.  It’s so much fun and will liven up your next party.  Dinner is served…


4 Responses to “Dinner is Served”

  1. Marcy Says:

    I love your examples – they would be stunning on a table! It’s so much fun to take what you have and then update it with something new.

  2. Danille Hagert Says:

    I adore your site greatly. Will read more. Keep up to marvelous writing on it. Thanks

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