The Bar is Open

I took a break from blogging last night, as I was at Gallery of Kitchens in Westport for a fun cocktail party and presentation called  ‘Choose Your Destination’ with Lauren Nason, Alison Held and myself.  Stay tuned for a future blog about it…

Now, that I am in the holiday ‘decorating the table’ mode, I thought it would be fun to share some great items for the bar.

Under $50

Claro Barware from Pottery Barn

I love the clean shape of this barware and in this price range is a great value.   And these glasses can work with contemporary or traditional decor.

Under $100

Cubist Cocktail Set from Red Envelope

Cubist Cocktail Set from Red Envelope

Shaken not stirred…  I can just picture James Bond cradling this glass at an uber-chic cocktail party in a sleek contemporary apartment.

Sky’s the Limit

Elsa Peretti Champagne Cup from Tiffany

Does it get more gorgeous than the sensual lines of an Elsa Peretti anything?  Love how this champagne cup is made of sterling silver and it comes in a blue box to boot.  Now, who doesn’t love receiving the blue box?

No matter your budget – ask some friends over, break out some beautiful barware, put some great tunes on and entertain…


4 Responses to “The Bar is Open”

  1. Betsy Says:

    This glassware is making me thirsty!


  2. Shamwow Videos Says:

    Love this post!! I could not of of written it any better on my own

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