Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…

The great Holiday Extravaganza continued…

I love the Pottery Barn Teen catalog.  Was there anything even halfway this cool when I was that age?  I’m talking about the time before Ipods, youTube and Twitter…  I had a blast choosing these fun designs for your teen girl.

Under $50

Furlicious Pillow Cover from Pottery Barn

What could be more fun than a fuzzy wuzzy pillow?  Personally, I have all the fuzziness I need with my cat, but this is a very fun look.

Under $100

Painted Dot Hair Dryer by Pottery Barn

Have you ever noticed how boring the design of your hair dryer is?  I might even want to get up in the morning, if I were blow drying my hair with this…hmmm…which to choose?  Pink or green?

Sky’s the Limit

iChair from Pottery Barn

Alright, so truth be told, my husband has a chair like this, but he’s an overgrown teen.  Well, really he’s just very into music, but sorry teens, Rolling Stones and the Who are his vibe…  As a teen, hiding away in my rooms with the tunes cranking was a great escape … some things don’t change.

Alright, who has a teen boy who can weigh in with some great ideas for my next blog?


2 Responses to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…”

  1. Betsy Says:

    LOVE those hairdryers. So fun!


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