Christmas at our House

I have been working diligently on a blog about New Year’s resolutions and I just have to say…boring…  Really, until I can make that post more lively, let’s just change the subject.  Meanwhile, I HAVE gone to the gym twice so I’m workin’ on it…let’s not discuss how getting a parking spot takes longer than the workout.

By now, many of you have already put away your holiday decorations, but here’s my theory.  It took me so darn long to put them up that I keep them up until the weekend after Jan. 6th.  So since we are nearing the last of the 12 days of Christmas, I am taking one last photographic hurrah through Christmas at our house.

Asking Santa...

Every year, the Junior Women’s Club of Fairfield hosts Santa’s house at the Burr Mansion – kid bliss…

The Nutcracker

Does it get any better than The Nutcracker? Our daughter let us know that she is going to be Clara when she grows up.

O Tannenbaum

Here’s a memory… Christmas morning, waking up to loud shouts of glee “Mommy… Daddy… He came!  He came! Santa came…”  while jumping up and down.  Did you think for a minute that he wouldn’t?  I  can not bear to take down my tree yet – see why?  It just fills me with joy every time I walk by – each ornament has a meaning and a memory.   And the tree skirt underneath, possibly the best Christmas present ever, was handmade (really every little shiny bead sewn by hand on the tree and in that field of snow) by one of my best friends from Smith College.  Thanks Mags!  I still love it as much as the day I opened it.

Dining Table with Centerpiece

Before Dinner, I set the table with the flowers in the center and then I always move them to the side so that everyone can see one another while we dine.  The back serving table has a stunning Waterford crystal bowl filled with red and silver ornaments – a newer way to use an old-fashioned punch bowl.

Serving Table

I love the little Chippendale chair Granny gave to our daughter.  She sits with the grown-ups for dinner and uses the Bernardaud china too (don’t keep it in the cabinet ladies – bring it out and use it!), but it’s a perfect little spot for this Christmas bear to read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’.

Candle Centerpiece

Just before we served dinner, I switched the centerpiece to a low arrangement of candles.  I love the sparkle of crystal and candlelight and Christmas!

My other 12 days of Christmas theory happens to be that our holiday cards can go out as late as the 3rd to arrive by the 6th.  But we took so much grief that we just made them New Year’s cards instead.  So take that…you folks who lose the the Christmas spirit the day after!  And look for your New Year’s card in your mailbox any day now.


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