Today, I was speaking with a dear friend who is nearing his 25th wedding anniversary to his equally amazing wife.  He spoke of an inn in such glowing terms that I turned to him and said “Are you talking about the Bee and Thistle?”  His shocked answer was yes.

The Bee and Thistle Inn in Old Lyme, CT is so romantic, the grounds and rooms so lovely, the food delicious and the staff fantastic.  I have not been able to get the inn out of my mind all day, mostly because I remember all of the snow on the ground, much like it is now here in Fairfield County.

Bee and Thistle Inn

My husband and I are Inn people.  Several years ago, BC (before child), he and I snuck up to Old Lyme for a romantic getaway on my birthday.  For those of you who follow me on Twitter or elsewhere, you will know that my birthday is December 22nd, mere days before Christmas.  The Inn was decked out for Christmas and the ground was covered with snow.  Because we were staying right at the inn, we were able to enjoy our dinner and a bottle of wine at the Chestnut Grill before walking up the stairs to our room.  Bliss…

Guest Room at the Bee and Thistle

I love how the linens are layered on the beds and I have always been a big fan of crewelwork.

Chestnut Grill at the Bee and Thistle

Ok, if the decor doesn’t get you, don’t even tell me you would pass on that cake!  I know my friend would not…

Living Room at the Bee and Thistle

Imagine cozying up to the fire on a cold night (its 8 degrees here tonight so I’m not having trouble imagining) with a glass of port or a cup of coffee.

Old Lyme is an artist’s town, so we had more than enough to do the following morning.  A trip would not be complete without a visit to the Florence Griswold Museum for Impressionistic art or to the Lyme Art Association.  Here’s hoping that not only my friends get a chance to go back, but that I can spirit off my husband for another romantic weekend getaway.  Perhaps, this time in a warmer season.

(photos courtesy of the Bee and Thistle website)


8 Responses to “Innspiration”

  1. Laura Says:

    What a wonderful post! Have you seen “The Bee Blog”?

  2. Patti @ iDesign Ink Says:

    Beautiful Inn, Beautiful story! Glad you shared it because I would love to see the Inn in person.

  3. RMG Says:

    So this is what happens when I casually mention someplace to you that you like- all of a sudden everybody knows about it!! Just kidding. Good places are hard to find- so spread the joy!

    • averydesigninteriors Says:

      Hmmm… So very casual that you didn’t even bring up the Inn’s name at the time, until I asked. Oh ye keeper of secrets… LOL! Thanks for checking out my blog and reminding me of one of my most wonderful memories!

  4. » The Bee in the Blogosphere… Says:

    […] Thanks to Fairfield County Interior Designer and fellow blogger, Catherine Avery for mentioning The Bee & Thistle Inn on her blog, “Your Dreams Come Home…” […]

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