Short, sweet and to the point.  Today’s blog comes to you courtesy of  my mother-in-law and my linen closet.

For the last week, I have been far from the blogosphere battling the Norwalk virus.  You know the one that everyone dreads possibly getting while on a cruise ship or in a hotel (aka being on vacation).   And the reason is it is highly contagious – it spreads fast, makes everyone in its wake sick and goes as quickly as it comes.  I don’t know about how quickly it goes, because 6 days later I still feel a bit queasy.  At any rate, our whole family was down for the count.  And to hear tell locally, everyone I know is battling the same thing.  So hang in there, Fairfield County.

So why my mother-in-law?  Because she can’t understand why people don’t keep their old towels any more!  People laugh at my huge linen closet – chock full of towels, sheets and throws.  I do so love linens.  But when you have an entire family sick, suddenly lots of linens looks like a really great thing and the more old towels you can get your hands on the better!

So a plug for your old towels, sheets and blankets.  When the chips are down, these are your standbys, your best friends to get you through the storm.

While you are grabbing one of those comfy throws from my closet, please feel free to light a fire in the fireplace, snuggle up on the couch and if you wouldn’t mind, bring over some home-made chicken soup. Here’s to healthier days to come…

And if you want some help creating your perfect linen closet or choosing some great linens, give me a call.

(photos courtesy of Apartment Therapy website)


2 Responses to “Towels”

  1. Patti @ iDesign Ink Says:

    Great entry Catherine! Love love love it!

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