Social Media Near Disaster Averted (or Thank God I have a Facebook Account)

I just had a near miss on a social media disaster.  I was copying the third part of my latest blog and lost it!  First thought, PANIC!  I have to confess, I am a bit of a Type A perfectionist.  I meditate several times a day to offset this.

Second thought: stop, don’t think and breathe.  OK, breathe some more.  Not thinking is still a relatively new thing for me, so it took a good bit of breathing.

Instead of old me swirling through the 100 reasons why I will never remember my brilliant point and just what was my brilliant point, I stopped long enough to think of another option.  My friends would be so proud…  LOL!

And here’s what happened.  Breathing helped me to redirect my thought process.

New thought:  where could I have this information so that I wouldn’t have to reinvent it?  Hmmm… I didn’t write in in Word.  I wrote it straight into WordPress.  Step One: search WordPress for a back up copy.  Ok, no luck.  Breathe.  Breathe again.

Where else have I posted this?  Aha… Facebook!  Maybe, just maybe… Facebook has my brilliant thought.

Yes!  Crisis averted.  Amazing.  Cut, paste, save.  What could be easier?

Breathe…ahhhhh…doesn’t that feel great?


3 Responses to “Social Media Near Disaster Averted (or Thank God I have a Facebook Account)”

  1. Another Day On Facebook Says:

    Once again, Facebook has proven to be the average man, or woman’s, social media savior.

    I recently had this happen to me. Unfortunately, I had saved it no other place. I still can’t remember what I was writing but I am sure it would have been amazing.

    Another Day On Facebook

  2. Patti @ iDesign Ink Says:

    Love my Facebook! Would rather get my blogs on facebook as part of the stream then in my email! Same with friends photos and conversations. I belong to an Idol group and each person in this group writes a comment about the show in an email. needless to say it fills my email and makes me hyper-ventilate! I do not look forward to Wed or Thursday mornings.
    Glad you found it 🙂

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