A Little Snow Music (or the Sound of Interior Design)

View from the Deck

The other night as I was driving home under the branches heavy laden with snow, I couldn’t help but think how the music I was listening to fit the mood of the view.  It was Scarlatti’s Sonata No. 118 as played by Horowitz.

The first time I heard this music played on a piano was by Chick Corea at Caramoor.  I was in love with the purity of the sound.  And it reminded me of the purity of the fresh fallen snow.  I am yearning to be back at Caramoor, preferably with the same great friends who go us hooked.  Caramoor is an outdoor music space in the most beautiful garden setting you can imagine.  Are you seeing that this is going along the lines of my “I am so sick of winter and I can’t wait for spring” theme? Yeah, ok, so I won’t go there again…

Music (and lighting but that’s a post for another day) is a critical element to any interior design scheme.  Whether your budget is along the lines of a Bose Ipod docking station or a full-fledged state of the art integrated sound system, having the ability and the place to enjoy great music is incredibly important.  Gone are the days when you had to have 4 or 5 components on an ugly rack with extra-large speakers.  So let’s take a quick look at some of the options that are out there in musicland.

Bose Ipod Sound Dock

What could be easier that a Bose Ipod docking station?  Our home was already built in the plank and beam style and laid out so that we could not run wires to create an entire home sound system.  I love to listen to music in my living room, while reading a good book.  I love that my Ipod has all of my music in one place.  My saint of a husband downloaded all of my CDs and separated them into files.  Have friends coming over for the holidays?  Simply select the Christmas file and let the party begin.

Sonos BU150 Multiroom Music System

Now this is tempting…  Sonos has a multi-room music system.  I have not yet tried it, as I have generally been against using wireless systems.  But technology is changing so rapidly that I plan to test run this system soon.

If you are in the market for a full fledged state of the art sound system for your home, we will take a trip to Southport to meet at Westfair TV’s showroom.  They are great people to work with and know all the latest in technology.  Put your feet up, watch the big screen and be prepared to be amazed by the sound quality and the knowledge of the salespeople!

To hear Horowitz playing Scarlatti, click here 07 Sonata In F Minor, L.118_ Andante.

As many of you know, I am not the most technical person and this is my first venture in to using music on a post (thank you Melissa Galt).   If you know how to set up WordPress so that the music plays during the post, please let me know!

And if you have a favorite music system, your comments are always welcome.  I would love to hear your thoughts…


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