Happy Chinese New Year! Interior Design Inspiration is Everywhere

What could be more fun that escaping reality for a day with your family!  At the last minute we jumped into the car and headed into New York City to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  I love how we can drive an hour from Fairfield County and feel like we have entered another part of the world…

We took the subway to Canal Street, because C loves riding the subway.  Really, C loves everything about the city.  It must be the vibe.  We break out the stroller, which she loathes.  But… for the city, she will gladly ride in style.  It’s just so much easier for us to keep tabs in a busy crowd with C firmly planted in her stroller.  At nearly 5, she is getting way too big for the stroller, but I digress.

We started our day out with the most delicious dim sum at Ping’s and then walked all around Chinatown.

Onward to our trip in photos…  My design eye is never turned off so the camera is a must!

Fish Market

You really have to know fish to buy at these markets.  The freshest fish around – outside of Fulton Fish Market – heads, tails and all!

Brilliant Colors

Kites, flowers, toys… kid paradise…


I love the simplicity of the bracelets lined up in rows by colors – eye candy.


I am ever attracted to fretwork on furniture and a big fan of greek key design – must be the simplicity of the lines and the pattern.

More fretwork

What can I say?  Drawn to it…  One day I will find the perfect large panel of fretwork and it will be mine for our master bedroom headboard.

More shopping

Because it’s hard to be an interior designer, if you don’t like to shop.  Just have to say, perfect pair of plump pigs because I can.  LOL!  A sense of humor, doesn’t hurt either.

Chinese Dragons

You can bet C insisted on taking home one of the dragons.  Can you guess which color?  Why pink of course…


Buying loose leaf jasmine tea for my dear friend who adores it.  I just happen to love jasmine too.


What could be more fun than lots and lots of glass jars filled with candy? Enough said…


You can’t have a parade without confetti.  Right?  Right?  Right?  Really. So. Cool.


Brrrr… or why we had to leave before the parade started.  We secured our great viewing spot at 12 noon for the 1pm parade.  At 1:30pm, the parade had still not started.  I have to confess that even I was getting tired of waiting.  I give C credit for hanging in that long.  And what fun is it to be bundled up to the eyes for a parade?

So we called it a day and went back to the apartment for a “picnic” of hot chocolate, cheese and grapes – much more fun than sitting outside in the cold.  Our parade viewing will just have to wait til next year.  Or til Disney where hopefully, it will be a bit warmer!

Starting tomorrow, I will be posting “Magic Mondays” – each Monday a view of one breath-taking room that I think is magical.  This is all part of my overhaul to my blog and other social media.  Let me know what you think!


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