Magical Monday: Relaxed Elegance (interior design style)

This Dining Room by designer Stephan Eicker is bold in chocolate brown and red.  First, this is just a color combination I don’t see very often and in two words, love it.  The pops of red draw the eye up to the sconces and who doesn’t want to sink into the oh so comfortable looking leather chairs with the great nailhead detail.

Love how the alternating horizontal bands of chocolate and white set off the art and pick up the dark flooring.  The draperies are perfectly neutral so your eye moves to the center of the room.  For all of the intensity of color in this room, it is refreshingly underdesigned.  Do you know how you don’t wear all of your jewelry all at once?  Well this jewel box of a room would have gone awry if there were one more detail added.

This is interior design at its best – breathtaking, elegant and yet still relaxed.  Can’t you just imagine drinking wine, eating a sumptuous meal and laughing for hours with friends here?  I can!

I would love to hear what you think.  What is your dream dining room for relaxing with family and friends?

This Magical Monday interior design brought to you by House & Garden magazine UK, October 2009.


5 Responses to “Magical Monday: Relaxed Elegance (interior design style)”

  1. snugfurniture Says:

    what a great find!! brown and red is not a common combination we see often and i love the striped and nice elegant touches. thank you for sharing. a magical monday indeed!!!

  2. stacystyle Says:

    I’ve always been a sucker for horizontal stripes, but I absolutely love the chocolate and red combination here. So visually stimulating while remaining clean and sophisticated.

  3. fl beats Says:

    Hello from Germany! I have found your website on alltheweb. Good content! Angela E. King x

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