Treasure Thursday: Great Furniture for Interior Design

Another new series in the ongoing revamping of my blog.

Each week, I will show one great piece of furniture that I just oooh and aaaah over.  For the record, all of my choices are my own and are not paid endorsements or the like…

This week’s choice is from Irwin Feld Design.  Marcy, aka @irwinfelddesign, and I tweet often.  I have fallen in love with the furniture in their showroom here in Stamford, CT.  They are one of the few, if not only, modern showrooms here in antiques loving CT.  Of course, pretty soon, modern will fit under the moniker of antique (anything that is over 100 years old)!

Red Velvet Ottomans Irwin Feld Design

Red of course!  I do seem to have an interior design love affair with red.  I love the line of these ottomans, the color, the plush velvet contrasting with the nailheads.

Another view in the Gallery

I found this ottoman as I am putting together a Look Book for the Decorating Diva, which will be out in mid-March.  I decided to create a dining room inspiration instead, so this did not make the cut, sorry Marcy.  But stay tuned, because my Look Book will have a different piece from Irwin Feld Design.


6 Responses to “Treasure Thursday: Great Furniture for Interior Design”

  1. Sarah Devaney-O'Neil Says:

    Very nice…..I will look forward to your “Look Book” as well!

  2. Friday Says:

    Beautiful! Those nailheads are especially gorgeous with the red. I can see those going in a lot of places that need that pop of color, while still being totally sophisticated.

  3. Norbridge Antiques Says:

    Ottomans are versatile and inviting, adding a feeling of comfort. These have a classic style and would look great in a room with antiques.

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