Thursday Treasure of Interior Design

Look Book

I took last night off.  Our schedules have been so busy that my husband and I have hardly seen each other all week.  Tuesday night, I taught my Room Redesign course at Staples High School in Westport and then tonight I was invited to an event at David Yurman at the Westchester for Go Red.

I have more than one Thursday Treasure this week, because I highlighted several for my Look Book on the Decorating Diva’s website.  A Look Book is the decorating diva’s concept.  Since I have been asked by several of my friends how I chose the items, I thought I would take you through the process.  So in a way, this is yesterday’s Wednesday Word wrapped into Thursday Treasure.

First I read and reread the Decorating Diva site.  I have been following them for quite some time now.  Then I looked over the other Look Books to get a sense of how it’s done.  I noticed that there were many living rooms and a few bedrooms already.

I decided to mix it up and go with a dining room concept.  Then I started perusing my photo files for appropriate furnishings.  I fell in love with the Mandarin Bench by Christian Liaigre for Holly Hunt, so that was my first selection.  It has those wonderful clean lines with a hint of Asian style, which set the theme for the room.  I love red – another theme in my life.  When I found Christian Liaigre’s Saigon Bookcase, I knew that rusty red would be the accent color against the dark woods.  The rusty red chairs from A. Rudin were a great match to the room not only because of the color but the shape of the chairs.

Next I looked for lighting that would offset the circular Savuti Table by Jiun Ho – I love dining at circular tables because more people can be included in the conversation.  Pagani Studio is my go to for great and unusual lighting.  I was looking for a square fixture with an asian feel but not too dramatic and the Aquila fit the bill.

In a rare twist for me, I picked the rug near the end.  I love the serene look of New Moon rugs.  I wanted something Eastern in feel but not too Asian, because I don’t like to take a theme too far either.  I am far more eclectic and I am definitely not the matching furniture type!

The bright Grand Jewel Mirror was to add a light element on another wall for contrast with the heavy bookcase.  Finally, I chose the J. Chew dishes because I can’t imagine designing a dining room without choosing the china!  But that’s the entertainer in me.

So seven Thursday Treasures and a look at how an interior designer makes decisions and brings a room design together.  Over the next few weeks, I will feature all of the beautiful treasures that did not make the cut.  They are all equally as lovely, but one of the most important parts of interior design is to not over-design or fill up the room with too many treasures.

We will have to save some for one of your rooms!

Love to hear from you.  Which dream room would you design?


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