Thursday Treasure of Interior Design

What do beautiful fabric, Italy and sushi have in common?

The gorgeous Edward Van Vliet Sushi chairs available from Moroso of Italy…

Last month, I promised I would show some of the amazing pieces that did not make the final cut for The Decorating Diva’s Look Book.  Now this is a great piece, so you’re probably wondering why I didn’t use it.  But while one of the easiest jobs for an interior designer is to shop (you have to love shopping), one of the hardest is editing.  There are a lot of great things out there.  And you don’t want to have all of them in one room.

So back to Sushi.  Ok, what’s not to love?  Dreamy Moroccan style fabrics – don’t you just want to touch them?  Their cheeky layering – like a piece of sushi.  Hey, I want my furniture to sound fun! And it’s got that great shape – more than an ottoman, not quite a chair.

Check out the whole line of Sushi…  Here’s a chaise from the same collection.

And an ottoman


2 Responses to “Thursday Treasure of Interior Design”

  1. Amanda Fern Says:

    These pieces look delicious!

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