Magical Monday: Interior Design

Ready, say it with me….ohhh…ahhh….

I read about Snog (slang for kiss) in the UK today in the latest copy of Metropolis Magazine and I just have to share.  This is magical, oh so magical, lighting.  And you know how I love lighting!

Tell me you don’t want to go in.  You’re not dying to know what it’s all about?  What is this place? Hmmm…frozen yogurt.  Really?  In London, can you imagine?  This is so not how I remember London, well except for Soho, which is of course where Snog is.  No you London bashers so not fair, I adore London.  It’s just always seemed to me a little more historical and a lot less hip.

So tempted?  Want to go in?

In a word, yum.  And I haven’t even tried the yogurt yet.  Cinimod is responsible for the out of this world LED lighting.  Note to self, must post about latest developments in lighting.  Mmmm…other note to self, must attempt to understand the fast changing world of LED lighting.  OK, so let’s just hire a really good lighting designer.  We, interior designers, know how to help you with that.

I did say the lighting was really cool right?  So here’s the magic of LED…changing colors.  Kind of looking like the fireworks at Disney last month.  Which reminds me that I have yet to post some of the amazing lighting from our trip!

Just in case I didn’t make my point with the last photo, check this one out.  Mood lighting – fab.  If you’re going to London, please do check out Snog and let me know if the frozen yogurt is as fantastic as the interior design.

Pure magic…  Wish every Monday, I would stumble upon a design like this one!

Enough said.


One Response to “Magical Monday: Interior Design”

  1. Dominic Says:

    Thanks for the lovely comments and glad you like the Soho Snog store! We have so much fun creating our designs. If you have a chance visit our website where you can see of our other designs we have created for Snog, Itsu (the sushi company), and others! And feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss working together — some of our best work comes from collaborating with other designers! – Dominic (cinimod studio)

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