Thursday Treasure Interior Design Lighting

Sputnik Chandeliers – love them, love them, love them!

Between this week’s lighting kick and the sweet memory of five rides on Space Mountain with my daring (5 year old) daughter just a few weeks ago in Disney, it just seems fitting to post photos of Sputnik Chandeliers.  These are all from the Irwin Feld Design Gallery in nearby Stamford, CT.  I sent a quick tweet to Marcy @irwinfelddesign and she suggested the following headline!

Guided by the universe: Sputnik Chandeliers are a favorite in the gallery

1950s – Space Age Reminds me of something right out of the Jetsons.  I tend to prefer silver finishes to brass, but on this fixture the contrast works.

A glass sputnik from the 1960s.  It has the mid-century vibe but doesn’t scream space because of the glass.  I love its sparkle.

Space age meets space monster in this multi-armed Sputnik from 1960.

Love this Italian Sputnik because I have never seen one like it before.  Not in the typical brass, but in that bright shining chrome – right up my alley!

(all photos chosen by author from Irwin Feld Design.  Avery Design Interiors does not receive any kind of compensation for the products chosen by the author.  However, Marcy of Irwin Feld Design is my Twitter friend and a blogger as well.  Marcy’s blog can be found at


2 Responses to “Thursday Treasure Interior Design Lighting”

  1. Brian Meeks Says:

    Those are quite cool. I like the first one the best, though they are all exceptional.

  2. Light Shop Says:

    Some really interesting Sputnik designs. My personal favoutite is the multi-armed Sputnik from 1960.

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