My own Interior Design Projects (and other excuses for not posting)

You may have noticed my absence from the blogosphere this past week.  I have been working overtime on a big presentation and nursing a hand injury simultaneously.  I see a chiropractor tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

We also have been in the midst of a family furniture shift and returning our finished basement to normal post major Northeast storm.  We moved the basement to the living room due to flooding hmmm… Two long nights moving it up in the dark, one long month plus moving it back down.  Perhaps, best if I just don’t go there.  Let’s just say I walk past my living room with my eyes averted.

At any rate, my in-laws are moving into a smaller space, so we needed to swap beds.  At last, I will be able to use the pair of beautiful family twin bed frames that have been residing in, you guessed it, my basement.  And soon I will be posting about transf0rming my guest room – just as soon as I finish transforming it.   Little did I realize that moving the furniture would necessitate finding the right bedding, moving the art etc.  Well, I am an interior designer, so I did know, but I was in denial…

So all this busyness leaves me with a conundrum – do I post someone else’s excellent work or just take another week off?

I chose the former.  Tomorrow’s Wednesday Word is brought to you by Rob of  Stay tuned…


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