Thursday Treasure of Interior Design: Another from the Look Book

A month ago, I was asked to guest post a Look Book on the Decorating Diva’s blog.  I had more fun putting it together.  But what you don’t see in a typical presentation is all of the great things the interior designer didn’t choose to complete a room.   After all, one of my primary jobs is to help you put together the best look from a vast array of choices.

As promised, here are some more pieces that did not make the cut for Look Book, but would look great in your home.

This Harris Rubin console has unbelievable lines.  I love how it looks like the contrast of the black with the silver base.  And aren’t the shapes fun being off-center?  This is a signature piece.

Another by Harris Rubin, the Mondrian Table is spectacular for dining.  I would suggest this for a city apartment – an entertaining couple with no children.  Couple with Philippe Stark’s Louis Ghost Chair from Design within Reach for a contemporary twist on these classics!

Last but not least this amazing red bookcase (you do know how I love red!) also by Harris Rubin.

What could be more fun than classic Chinese red with a hint of fretwork design and oh so modern stainless steel…

Which is your favorite?  I would love to hear from you.


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