Magical Monday: Interior Design at The Cloisters

Another gorgeous weekend here in CT.  We spent so much time doing chores around the house.  My car looks fantastic inside and out.  As I was cleaning it, I realized how much dust we are exposed to in our cars.  Fortunately, all of the spring cleaning was balanced by an afternoon picnic at the Cloisters with our daughter’s godfather.

The Cloisters is located in Fort Tryon Park in the northernmost part of Manhattan.  A part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Cloisters features approximately five thousand medieval works of art.  The building itself is a work of medieval art, “incorporating elements from five medieval French cloisters: Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa, Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, Bonnefont-en-Comminges, Trie-en-Bigorre, and Froville.” (wikipedia)

I could write more about the history, but it’s much more fun to see it through the eye of an interior designer (me) and a landscape architect (my husband).  Guess who took which photos?  Tricky – my husband is a fanatic of church architecture and I love to garden.  I am not even sure at this point, who took which!

View from the Garden

The Arcade along the Garden

Another Garden

We could not stop talking about how the building was transported in pieces and then reassembled.

View from the Cloisters

I love how this magnificent building is high on the hill with these breath-taking views.

Interior Architecture of the Cloisters

Really, imagine moving all of these stones and columns from Europe – mind boggling.



I love the simplicity of this altar.  And the stained glass windows are breath-taking.

Altar Predella

Now juxtapose this altar against the first.  Amazing the difference.  Don’t you just feel like you are back in Art 101?  Essay question: compare and contrast altar styles.  Just kidding…


Stained Glass Windows

Back to the Garden


My husband must have taken this photo, because I don’t remember seeing this amazing tree. What a great eye he has!


I did take this photo of irises.  I had forgotten how much I love these.  I wonder if they are deer food?  I would so love to plant them in my garden, but we are on the main breakfast route for the deer.

Orange Tree

Our daughter was smitten with this little orange tree.  Can you blame her?

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the Cloisters.  Do you have any favorite places to spend a glorious spring day?  Let me know.  I would love to hear from you.


2 Responses to “Magical Monday: Interior Design at The Cloisters”

  1. Emily Says:

    I love the architecture and textures. The stained glass is simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing these photos.

    • averydesigninteriors Says:

      Emily, Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I was amazed at how the building incorporates so many different styles of architecture and yet it still feels harmonious. And I too love the stained glass.

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