Magical Monday: A Preview of Spring Awakening at Le Beau Chateau

I am so excited to share with you some of the sketches from the event Spring Awakening, which will be taking place starting on the evening of Wednesday, May 12th in New Canaan, CT.

Without further ado, let the sneak preview begin.

Charles Pavarini 'A Little Night Music'

What could be more magical than stepping back in time to turn of the century Sweden in ‘A Little Night Music’?  Think candlelight, romance, the waltz.  Makes me want to put on my little black dress, pearls and heels and dance the night away…

Priscilla Potenza 'Hair'

Then again, let’s toss those pearls and bring on the peace chains.   Though I am far too young (really) to have seen Hair the first time around on Broadway, I have always loved the music and the vibe.  I am a bit of a 60s throwback when it comes to music – think Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors and let face it, does it get any better than Janis Joplin?  No need to go back to the Age of Aquarius, but it will be fun to visit for a moment in time.   I especially love this tongue in cheek hairdresser’s chair.

Randall Tarasuk 'Jekyll & Hyde'

This is the moment – the one that defines the line between good and evil.  Can’t wait to see Tarasuk’s interpretation.  The mysterious air is making me wonder what’s in store…and that’s a ‘good’ thing.

Love to hear from you!  Which is your favorite sketch?  Will you be coming to Spring Awakening?

Please join us and purchase tickets through Summer Theatre of New Canaan.


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