Magical Monday: Interior Design Color inspired by House Beautiful

Every once in a while, I find a moment to peruse one of the latest design magazines.  The other day, I opened House Beautiful’s Favorite Paint Colors and could not put it down.  I so enjoyed reading about the reasons behind other interior designers’ choices of colors.

I offer color consulting services and find that color is very personal.  Each client is drawn to very different colors for different reasons – some are bold with a deep wine entry wall, while others are more timid with a soothing creamy white in the  living room.

Here are some of my favorites from House Beautiful’s special edition.

Benjamin Moore Black Satin 2131-10

This look is unbelievably rich.  I love it for a library.  Note how the rug, fireplace and accessories are light-colored or reflective to offset the drama of the black walls and cabinetry.  This room works because the all black reads as a neutral.

Benjamin Moore Overcast C43

Here’s a neutral as we usually think of them.  The pale blue furnishings and rug bring out the bluish undertones of the paint.  I would feel like I am floating in a cloud in this room – so relaxing.

C2 Paint Tangerine 104

I am working with a client now in Fairfield who would love orange in her home office.  I can’t wait to show her this photo tomorrow.  The shelves are made of white Corian – love their sharp linearity.  The orange looks amazing grounded by the white rug, grey chairs, white shelves and white trim.

Benjamin Moore Spring Iris 1402

By now you know, I am not a purple person.  But when I saw this room in the magazine, I was smitten.  Maybe it’s that the rest of the room is that lovely shade of cream with the really dark wood floor to ground it.  I have a client who loves everything Swedish design.  We are talking about renovating her vacation home in Vermont and I think she would love this color.

Benjamin Moore North Creek Brown 1001

I work with quite a few male clients, either still single or recently divorced.  They are always looking for great masculine colors that won’t freak out the future girl friend.  I frequently suggest colors in the brown family.  Rich and warm with the bronze undertones – this brown is a stellar choice!

Hope you enjoyed this quick look at House Beautiful’s Favorite Paint Colors.  To see more, you can purchase on it now on the newsstands or follow this link to

I love color and I love to hear from you!  Which is your favorite room color and why?


One Response to “Magical Monday: Interior Design Color inspired by House Beautiful”

  1. Carol@TheDesignPages Says:

    After years of designing I still can’t chose a colour that I love more than others. Each of these images created a different emotion in me. Great selection of photos!

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