Interior Design Magic on Monday: The Libeskind Villa

I have a passion for international interior design magazines.  My favorite by far is Objekt International out of the Netherlands, which recently featured the work of Daniel Libeskind.


I am always fascinated by the design process and so enjoy seeing an initial concept sketch take form.

The Villa is the result of a collaboration with proportion GmbH of Basle whose aim is “to make modern architecture by famous architects accessible to individuals” (Objekt Internatioal, issue #49).  The Villa will be made in a limited edition of 30 and is structured with eco-friendly and sustainable materials.


The house is clad in zinc which Libeskind chose, because zinc is “very organic…reacts to the sky in a way that is truly sustainable…never just a flat dull funish”.

Night and Light

I love this house lit up at night – enchanting.  It glows with possibility and makes its own statement on and within the surrounding landscape.  According to Libeskind, the house “brings light from unexpected places, illuminates the house in a 360 degree panorama … truly a house lived in the round.”

Living, Kitchen and Light

The interior design is just as breath-taking.  Note how the narrow angular skylights throw light and shadow across the room making the interior organic and ever-changing.  The furnishings are kept simple to allow the architecture and views from the window to be the stars.  Libeskind describes the interior space as “intimate and dramatic…fluid…combined activities… such that life becomes a choreographed experience”.


The sense of the dark dramatic stainless steel staircase floating behind the glass enhances the interplay of light and shadow.  Note how the diagonal lines on the glass interact with the diagonal lines of the skylights.

Bedroom and Bath

The bedroom and bath suite are filled with the shadows of the exterior structure with the pendant lamp mimicking their form.  Note how the glass wall continues up beyond the height of the ceiling.  No detail however small is missed in this house.

I love to hear from you.  Which room is your favorite?

(Photos from Objekt International issue #49 and


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