Lazy Days of Summer…and so they Begin

Pre-School Graduation

So today my baby, (my babyaaaagh) graduated from pre-school.  Where did five years go?  It seems like only yesterday she was figuring out how to say Dada and struggling to get to her feet.  Don’t even tell me about college; I’m still struggling with the word kindergarten.

And now the lazy days of summer begin.  Well except for the part where I work…but I love my work and I work for myself so that’s okay.

Tonight, my husband and I sat on the deck (while our daughter chose to watch Blues Clues) and had grilled burgers and corn and beer of choice, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale — heaven.  If I ever want to pretend it’s summer in the dead doldrums of February, I crack open a bottle and am transported if only momentarily.  Funny, how certain things we associate with seasons.  Can’t really imagine lighting the fire and drinking a glass of port tonight, right?

View from the Deck

If ever I need a gratitude moment, I stare in awe at the view from my deck (I joke that it’s my favorite room in the house).  Our lawn sprawls back to the golf course and our property has so many beautiful trees.  When we chose this property (well house but really it was all about the property), I was drawn to it.  It was completely overgrown and yet still, I sensed something.

My husband, bless him, is a landscape architect and he saw that something too and declared that we would clear all of the brambles out.  I was of the mind that we would save the lilies etc. growing within, but being allergic to poison ivy there was no chance of me doing that.  And he was right.  We pulled out the old growth, grew grass, defined gardens, removed a few dead trees and now…breath-taking.

The best part is the huge oak tree.  When I took the bus to school as a child, we passed a huge oak tree on the left.  Years later I went back and the tree was gone. My childhood oak tree is what drew me here.

Nature Walk

We’re going outside and discovering…come…

Love to hear from you!  What will you do to celebrate summer?


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