Interior Design: Office Spaces

Today’s Wednesday Word is the word on office interior design.

This client’s office space was bright and open, but lacked the calm and professional feeling that he desired while he was at work.  He is a Music Director of a local church and we worked on our project in the off season this past summer.


The original color was much better with his original lighter furniture.  But my client found an office closeout sale and fell in love with a mahogany desk – a much richer looking wood that required a more sedate color to offset it.

Offices should be first about function. Not only did I draw a plan, I taped out on the floor the best location for the two largest items – the desk and the sofa.  Filing cabinets are in arm’s reach of the desk, there are several options for seating, natural light streams in from the window and his view is into the Music Room.

Desk and Filing Area

Purchasing office furniture from an office that is closing is a great way to save on your office expenses.

I specified a much richer color on the wall to complement the warm wood tones of the new desk and file cabinets.  Trim and doors are a warmer off-white for contrast and warmth.

Seating Area

His gorgeous white sofa has a new home in his office where the old bookshelf used to be. It pops against the Mozart Blue walls and provides a quiet relaxing spot, tucked away from the youngest of his musical students.  We moved his bookshelf just to the right of the sofa so that he can pick out a book and relax for a moment between rehearsal and the next concert.

The area rug provides a homey warmth that we could not get with the existing commercial floors.  Not only was the rug the inspiration for the wall color, it provides a division of areas: creative relaxation separated from day-to-day work.

A few plants, some pillows, and occasional chairs, this office is ready for the creative process and demanding schedule of the musical year to come.

We had so much fun with this project that he and I are now working on the Music Room and its adjoining Library.  I enjoy nothing more than the opportunity to work with such a great client all over again.

I love to hear from you.  What does your dream office look like?


2 Responses to “Interior Design: Office Spaces”

  1. becky Says:

    Beautiful. & I’m glad I’m not the only one who tapes plans & layouts out on the floor! Really helps them visualize.

  2. averydesigninteriors Says:

    Thanks Becky for checking out my post and for your great feedback. I have been known to take a different piece of furniture and put it in the spot if it helps a client visualize a layout. It is so important as interior designers for us to remember that our clients hire us because they cannot see what we can!

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