Nate Day (or Why this Interior Designer Still Loves Social Media)

If you are hanging out in the world of Social Media, then you know that thanks to the Moggit Girls and Julianne (aka @creategirl) the twitterverse is all atwitter about Nate day.  But if you have been under a rock or generally not very knowledgeable about the world of social media then you have missed the Nate Berkus movement!  Run, don’t walk, to sign up for Twitter.  I’ll wait for you.  Ok, time to catch you up.

First, the Moggit Girls, Janet and Joy, blog about all things bad and ugly (that’s right, except for Nate, skip the good) in the world of interior design under such titles as “seriously” and “no you didn’t”.  They are in a word hilarious!  They decided that Nate’s opening show on September 13th should be filled with an audience of design bloggers.  Amazing how the world of social media works – they asked, Nate answered and it’s on!

Having done several room interior redesigns on tight budgets, I have an appreciation for just how much work is involved.  We interior designers just make it look easy.

So my Nate Day tribute is to share with you my top three favorite designs (and why) from his Oprah Winfrey days.

This room has a great mix of traditional and contemporary – not stuffy at all – in a word livable.  I love the clean lines of the kitchen cabinetry contrasted with the dark tones of the wood in the furniture, drawer handles and walls in the breakfast area.  How great is that super long table in front of the window for get-togethers with family and friends!

Things I love in a great girl’s room: green for the walls (really in no time they are over pink), the quilt and draperies kept simple and oh so grown-up (room to transition), the whimsical curlicue detail on the mirror and above the bed.

I could not believe this was the result of a country makeover until I saw the before picture.  Love how the light colors allow the floor to shine.  The great bead board ceiling painted in bright green is unbelievable!  I love how Nate connects it with the green apples and throw pillows.  The apple green color works because everything else in the room is so neutral.

So that’s Nate in a nutshell.

I love to hear from you.  Which is your favorite Nate Berkus room?


2 Responses to “Nate Day (or Why this Interior Designer Still Loves Social Media)”

  1. Wanda Horton Says:

    So many to choose from . . . with a short day to post, I didn’t get a chance to upload many. Of course, we love many of the same things! I am a big fan of his use of the apple green on the ceiling in the last makeover. He uses neutral in a way that doesn’t feel “blah”, by punctuating it with color.

    Love our connection through social media, too! Do you think we’ll all be sitting in his audience, on September 13th?! Hugs! Wanda

  2. julieann/creategirl Says:

    I love that beadboard ceiling too and have saved it in my inspiration folder for a beach house someday! Thanks so much for the mention and for joining in on our NateDay! Twitter truly is a remarkable tool!

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