Back to Work: Another Day in the Life of an Interior Designer

Firepit - Deep Downes Pool Company

I don’t know about the rest of you (and would love to hear!), but we had a fun-filled fourth of July weekend.  First, we spent Friday night at a BBQ with dear friends and clients, Catherine and Rob.  We swam for hours in the pool and feasted.  I also had the great pleasure of seeing old friend Judy who I had lost touch with from my former Wall Street days.  She and her husband have three fun kids, luckily all of the many boys were balanced out by their 6-year-old daughter, so that our daughter (age 5) had someone to pal around with.  Not that anyone would believe it today (at 88 and soaring) but on Friday night, Rob had to build a bonfire because we were all so chilly.

At any rate, we spent the rest of the weekend up at Bob’s parents and had an amazing time before heading back for our very hot but fun sailing date yesterday afternoon.  It was our daughter’s very first trip on a boat and she loved it!

In between all that fun, I did work for several hours yesterday, first meeting potential clients who need help with their three girls’ rooms upstairs.  They have a wonderful Mediterranean style – I step into their home and feel like I am transported to the vineyards.  And their three girls are lovely and fun.  I would really enjoy the job.

Then I was off to my Fairfield client’s home to take a quick look at the closet installation before heading to Safavieh for the amazing much-anticipated sofa find!  Yes, the good news is that at last they have received the CO (certificate of occupancy) for upstairs, so we can begin the design of the downstairs.  But before the big sofa reveal, let me show you a before photo with a great design trick.  The old sofa was on the street for a day but is baaaaack (LOL) because the new sofa won’t be in for 10 weeks.  Unfortunately, they will have to sit in this sad sofa the rest of the summer, but the wait will be well worth it!

Tape Layout of Sofa

I told the client to tape out the length and width of the sectional to make sure it fits in the room.  I was thrilled to see that at last, I have convinced her to put the living area in the back of this great room and the dining in the front – hooray – score one for the interior designer!   My client also taped out the matching ottoman and an idea for a future chair.  I envision a smaller rounded chair (as opposed to the square here) and we found some amazing fabric for it yesterday.  Now to find the right chair!

Sectional at Safavieh

What’s great about this sectional, other than just the sale price, is that it is semi-custom.  We selected the 80″ sofa with the chaise (smaller than what you see here), then chose an angled leg in espresso stain and a Track Arm like the one on the black leather chair in the foreground of the picture.   We added V Button Tufting for the back cushions, which was a dream must for my client.  She loves charcoal grey and her style is contemporary, so this sectional is a perfect fit!  The new walls are going up this week so we must choose a paint color this week and I would not do it until we had the sofa chosen.  Phew…

Living Room Look - West Elm

This is the concept for the Living Room.  I think the client will swoon over the Persimmon color Martini Side Table – she loves orange.  It’s such a great warm color to balance the coolness of the grey.

Bookshelf Side Table - West Elm

I have to check this in CADD to make sure we have space but wouldn’t this corner bookshelf table be amazing?  Just wide enough for a drink and some small storage bins for the younger girls’ toys.

Snille Chair - Ikea

Speaking of the girls, we took a trip to Ikea last week to pick out the closets and stumbled upon this fab bright yellow chair that perfectly matches the accent color in her teen daughter’s bedding.

Well, it’s time to go back to the old interior design drawing board and finish my elevations for my Florida client’s new Master Bath.  It’s a whole different look!  I’ll post about that one before the end of the week.

Meanwhile, I love to hear from you…  Where are you favorite places to shop for furniture?


7 Responses to “Back to Work: Another Day in the Life of an Interior Designer”

  1. ABC Dragoo Says:

    Looking great! Well done!!!

  2. Tracie Valentino Says:

    Your Fairfield client LOVES that wrap around bookcase!! And that persimmon sidetable. Nice! Had a blast this past week shopping and looking, and shopping some more. Thanks for taking time out of the holiday weekend to “work”.

  3. Bridget Willard Says:

    Oh that looks great. Great idea to put tape down. You go girl!

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