Back into the Closet: A Fairfield Interior Design Client’s Shoe Dream Come True

Remember when I posted about the closet design process for my Fairfield client?  She was kind enough to send me some photos of the nearly finished product, which possibly makes her the best interior design client ever!

Closet Interior Design Organization Storage Ikea

My Fairfield client LOVES shoes.  Really…  We shopped and shopped and shopped for reasonably priced closets.  Not only did she shop with me, but I sent her out shopping with her husband!  I was determined that we  would find a great closet at the right value.  And at the end of the day, not only are these closets from Ikea amazing, her husband found her the awesome shoe rack that you can see at the bottom of the photo.  Now that is love.

Shoe Rack Closet Storage Ikea Interior Design

Here’s a detail of the shoe rack – I love how it pulls out.  I am all about functional design!

Shoes Interior Design Closet Ikea Storage Drawers Function

Surely, you didn’t think she was keeping just her workout clothes in those drawers, did you?  No, it’s more shoes!!!  Really, what’s not to love about shoes?

Man's Closet Storage Interior Design Storage Function

I have many wonderful male clients and so I would not want to upset them with all this talk of shoes and other ‘girly’ things.  So above is her husband’s closet – note same size closet ladies.  Now, apparently the gentleman only has three pairs of shoes, so there was no need to waste space on a special shoe rack.  In fact there is even room for the iron and ironing board, which brings up the question – who does the ironing?  I could not resist.

My husband has an ENTIRE tall cabinet of shoes, so I don’t get this at all. Not that I get why DH has more pairs of shoes than I do.  Just sayin’…

I love to hear from you.  What do you love about your closet?

Or do you look at yours and cringe?  If that’s the case please call me and I can get you started on a beautiful and functional system to store your shoes (dresses, slacks, shirts).


4 Responses to “Back into the Closet: A Fairfield Interior Design Client’s Shoe Dream Come True”

  1. Hsiang Says:

    Interesting Closet, I wonder if the vertical shoe hanger would be more efficient then the drawers. We’re collecting photos from people with interesting closets for our Dream Closet Project and would love to see your photo and comment on our blog also.

    • averydesigninteriors Says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog, Hsiang.
      I agree that the shoes would be better on a vertical shoe hanger. We are looking for one for the perpendicular side of the closet – we just have not found the perfect item yet. I look forward to viewing your blog and will be sure to post!

  2. camrin Says:

    Hello, Can you let me know where your client’s husband found the shoe rack? Great closet! Thanks!

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