What to Bring? An Interior Designer visits Friends for a Beach Weekend

What do you give to the hostess with the mostess?  After all, he or she is your dear friend who has kindly offered you a respite from the heat of the city for the weekend.  You don’t want to arrive empty-handed.  Shorely Chic to the rescue.  It’s all about great beach interior design.

Bottle Hostess Gift Turquoise Gold Vintage Glass Shorely Chic Etsy

For your oh so sophisticated friend who is a little bit glam and a little bit traditional, check out this gorgeous vintage turquoise and gold bottle.

Shorely Chic Moroccan Coasters Drink Gift Hostess Decoupage Etsy

For your preppy but a bit cheeky and world-traveled friend, what could be better than decoupage coasters.  Drinks are on the house.

Shorely Chic Beach Candle Soy Etsy Hostess Gift StarfishYou just know that your Aunt Tilly already has everything and does not want you to spend your hard-earned money on a gift, but what will Mom say?  A Beach Candle is just the right touch in the perfect little keepsake box.

Shorely Chic Coral Starfish Wine Sack Gift Hostess Etsy

You can not go wrong with a bottle of wine in the perfect casual summer sack.  I am loving the starfish and the texture of this bag.  Now if you could just put a bottle of crisp light Pinot Grigio in there for me, we will be happy to grill you up some tuna steaks when we return from the beach.

Shorely Chic Lime Green Vase Ceramic Asian Etsy Hostess Gift

So you are saying to yourself, this last gift is a bit quirky.  Well, this is the one that I want, so if you come to visit, please keep it in mind.  I love the Asian traditional image in the bright funky lime green – so my interior design style!

All items from Shorely Chic are available on Etsy.

I met Liz Orgera on Twitter.  You can follow her too @shorelychic.  We live just a few towns apart and so have had the amazing opportunity of connecting IRL (in real life for those of you who are not social media savvy.  I can’t wait to see what Liz will come up with next!

Here’s Liz on her passion for beach design:  “I started Shorely Chic out of my love for interiors and admiration for the natural beauty of the beach.  I strongly believe that bringing the tranquil and peaceful elements of the beach indoors will improve your state of being. ”

I think she succeeds – how about you?

I love to hear from you.  What’s your idea of the perfect Hostess Gift?


2 Responses to “What to Bring? An Interior Designer visits Friends for a Beach Weekend”

  1. DesignTies Says:

    Such a fun collection of potential hostess gifts 🙂 I’m not a wine drinker, but I really like the wine sack. The texture of the fabric and the starfish motif are great. And I like the Asian vase for the same reason you do — the traditional design in a modern colour makes it whimsical and funky 🙂

    The ingredients for a yummy summer drink and a pitcher to serve it from would make a good hostess gift too 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my potential front door colours 🙂 When you walk through my front door, the first room you see is the purple dining room 🙂


  2. davidsonson Says:

    I really like this post. I really enjoyed reading the post…

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