Scenes from an Interior Designer’s Vacation

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Can you believe the shift in the weather in the Northeast?  We have had over a week of one glorious day after the other.  You could nearly wear a sweater in the evening with the breezes blowing off the ocean.  I feel so fortunate to be on vacation during this time.

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When you are a mompreneur and an interior designer, you are not really ever on vacation.  First of all, design inspiration is everywhere – you can’t help but see the patterns the waves leave in the sand as the tide goes out.  I was even able to attend the annual Beach & Bay House Tour to benefit the South Coastal Library with my mom and cousin.  The houses were a great mix of contemporary zen and kitschy beach.  Lots of bright colors were featured – I love color.

While here at the shore, I have been working with an interior design client on her master bath – ordering tile and faucets from my blackberry on the beach.  But working for yourself gives you such amazing flexibility with a little help from technology of course.

And most importantly, with a little help from your friends…  Thanks to my Twitter friends, I have some guest posts going.  Rob Jones of BuildDirect has graciously provided a guest post last week and then Amy Dragoo of ABCD Designs has offered to guest post about her new home renovations.  I am so excited about my first foray into guest blogging.  And I am  fortunate to have built some amazing relationships with great people through social media.  This next segment at Relaxed Elegance will be a bit more architecture, home improvement and inspiration and a bit less strictly about interior design.  But creatives find inspiration everywhere; it won’t have a boring moment!

beach, house, architecture, deck, bay

My parents have a home here now on the bay side and my aunt has one on the beach side.  It’s a quiet town.  While it has grown quite a bit with condos springing up along what used to be hauntingly beautiful long stretches of marsh and shore, the small town flavor has remained.

grandparents, beach, house, vacation, travel

We came here to visit my grandparents when we were very young.  They had an old beach cottage near the shore.  I remember a sleeping porch with a window to the inside.  I thought it was the coolest thing to sleep on the sleeping porch and talk to my cousin in the bedroom just on the other side of the window.  We would be up whispering and giggling until the wee hours.  My grandparents are long since gone and new owners have changed the old cottage quite a bit, but it still brings back those memories…

minigolf, vacation, travel, family, kids, activities, outdoors

We still come back every year and rent a small condo about a mile from the shore.  We love it there because we can make meals, do laundry and if it rains, we can watch movies on DVD.  It’s the simpler side of life with important decisions to be made.  Kayak or mini golf?  Beach or pool?

boathouse, kayaks, vacation, travel, property, bay, investment, retirement

We recently purchased a property here.  For now, it is an empty lot except for the kayaks and a boat house on the water.  But being an interior designer, I can envision my future home in my head. I love standing in the lot and imagining watching sunsets on the bay from my big back porch in my eco-friendly new home.  We are several years from building.  I often wonder what new materials will be available then.

I love to hear from you.  Do you have a dream vacation home?


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