Wordless Wednesday: More Scenes from an Interior Designer’s Vacation

Amy Dragoo of ABCD Design has thrown down the ever-inspiring Wordless Wednesday social media gauntlet.  And I can’t resist a good challenge!  Enjoy more photos and (interior) design inspiration from a day in historic Lewes (the first town in the first state) during our relaxing vacation at the beach.

garden, Lewes, DE, historic, vacation, beach

Garden at Gate of St. Peter's Episcopal Church

St. Peter's Church, Lewes, DE, episcopal, architecture, historic, vacation

St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Lewes, DE, vacation, episcopal, church

Pathway at St. Peter's

I love the pattern of the bricks in this crooked pathway.

labyrinth, St. Peter's, episcopal, church, vacation

Labyrinth at St. Peter's

Know those people who look for covered bridges or lighthouses?  I am always on the lookout for labyrinths.  This is one of my favorites – I visit it every year.

The Buttery, brunch, Lewes, DE, vacation

The Buttery

The best place in town for Sunday brunch.

store display, Lewes, DE, vacation

Whimsical Store Display

architecture, pattern, design, Lewes, DE


zwaanendael, museum, lewes, DE, vacation

Zwaanendael Museum

Kids Ketch, toy, store, Lewes, DE, vacation

Can't miss the toy store

waterfront, historic, Lewes, DE, vacation, inspiration

The Waterfront

Kings, Ice Cream, homemade, Lewes DE, vacation

Last Stop - King's Ice Cream

I love to hear from you.  Where are your favorite historic places to take your friends or family when you go on vacation?


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