Thursday’s Treasure in Interior Design: Black Crow Studios

Black Crow, Graphic, black and white, interior design, Tracy Hiner, wallpaper

What’s not to love about Black Crow Studios’ wallpaper?

First a little social media history. Tracy Hiner (@tracyhiner) and I met through friends in the interior design Twitterverse: Wanda Horton (@WandaSHorton) and Maybelline Te (@maybellinete) amongst them. Then I had the great privilege of meeting two of these talented designers at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair this past Spring. Tracy’s wallpapers adorned Maybelline Te’s Snug Furniture booth. They were a perfect match! Meeting social media friends IRL is the best!

modern, wallpaper, color, Tracy Hiner, Black Crow Studios, interior design

Why now? Because Tracy’s wallpaper was just featured on The Today Show and I am so psyched for her I just had to celebrate on my blog!

watercolor, Black Crow Studios, modern, traditional, interior design

I love this oh so modern graphic wallpaper against the ultra-traditional stark white moldings. Can you imagine this in your dining room?

Black Crow, wallpaper, Tracy Hiner, interior design, graphic, urban, bliss

This is Bliss. I can’t choose between Bliss and Pier (below) to liven up my taupe home office. For the record, the color is a little boring because it would be hard to accurately read/compare colors for my interior design clients in a bright orange room! But my accent color is that dreamy blue…

Black Crow, interior design, wallpaper, color, graphic, pier, Tracy Hiner

Hope this Thursday Treasure was wildly inspiring!

I love to hear from you. Do you still love wallpaper? Where would you use it?


4 Responses to “Thursday’s Treasure in Interior Design: Black Crow Studios”

  1. Anne Lubner Says:

    That candy stripe is deliciously pretty!

  2. Anne Lubner Says:

    Just saw this, Catherine! I love the Ferris Wheel wallpaper too, it takes me right back to vacations at the beach in Ocean City, NJ!
    Best to you

    • averydesigninteriors Says:

      Hi Anne! Thanks for stopping by.
      I love that Ferris Wheel wallpaper for a similar reason. We took our vacations near the other Ocean City (MD).
      Check out my post on Holiday House to see Tracy’s wallpaper in Irwin Feld’s room – gorgeous!

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