ProjectUDesign: Interior Design Students at SCAD

The Thursday Treasure is brought to you by ProjectUDesign. This is an opportunity and challenge to 15 students from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) to create an upholstered wing chair that is not only sustainable but one that people would want to buy.  BiOH® polyols has teamed up  with Century Furniture and Toray Eco-Design Ultrasuede to make this project happen.
Here are the contest rules as laid out on the ProjectUDesign Facebook page.
1. A $1,000.00 cash prize from BiOH Polyols at the close of the Fall High Point Market on Oct. 20th will be awarded to the student of the winning design selected by online voting.
2. The addition of their winning eco-friendly wing chair design to Century Furniture’s permanent line-up, with production to begin this fall!
3. Royalties from Century Furniture on each chair that gets made and sold!
The best part is that you can vote for your favorite chair online at ProjectUDesign on Facebook. The chair is chosen entirely by you, John Q. Public. The first round of voting ends on October 3rd, so be sure to check it out right away!
I created an interior design inspiration board with my favorite chair, the Luna, by Matt Gray. I envisioned his comfortable and encompassing chair in a home office, preferably mine! This chair could be a place of escape during a busy work day whether to take a break for a cup of coffee or to read a book or just to retreat with your thoughts in the middle of the day.

Matt Gray, student at SCAD, describes his design as follows “Luna is a chair which reinterprets the wing chair based on its use as a place to escape. The wings extend to completely surround the inhabitant. Armrests and lumbar support are provided by carefully sized pads. The Hardwood base cradles the frame as the frame cradles the inhabitant. The womb like shape provides a sense of security and privacy.”

In case you missed them throughout the post, these are the most important links:

BiOH’s blog: 

Site for voting:

Site for student videos: http://youtube/com/user/BiOHpolyols

I love to hear from you. Which of the wing chairs is your favorite?
Ok so what are you waiting for? Go vote!

It’s Mountain Day!!!

Today is Mountain Day at Smith College, my alma mater, so I’m going to take a break from the world of interior design and post photos from design’s most true inspiration. It’s a perfect Wordless Wednesday post. Thanks Smith!

In case you have no idea what Mountain Day is… Everyone at college would wait in anticipation for that perfect fall day. There was always great debate at dinner over which day it would be. Then we would wake up in the morning to the sound of the bells ringing and know that we would be free of classes for a glorious day outside and enjoying fall. There were dozens of places we could go on Mountain Day from Mt. Tom to the Mohawk Trail. No one would study that day.  Well, at least no one that I knew…

I am at my desk now with every window open – dreaming of driving up to Litchfield or some other heavenly back country place in Connecticut to celebrate the day. But we won’t be having our Mountain Day celebration until Saturday. In the meantime, enjoy these beautiful photos of Fall in New England!

Berkshires MA

Smith College Paradise Pond

Hoyoke MA

Mohawk Trail

Sheffield MA

Smith College Paradise Pond

(all photos taken from internet)

Nate Berkus Day and so much more… Interior Design Recap

New York City…lunch with my cousin…Rue Magazine launch party…Nate Berkus Show…after party at the Collective…ASID Metro NY’s Design Walk…New York Design Center’s What’s New What’s Next…countless visits to design showrooms and shops…

Monday through Thursday was an amazing whirlwind time in the city. By now, if you are connected in any way to design in the blogosphere, you have read countless posts and tweets about the design bloggers’ dream week in New York City for the Nate Berkus Show. Design bloggers came in from all over the country, Canada, the UK and as far as Poland? or was it Finland?

Truly, my brain is still mush in recovery from the jam-packed fun-filled week in the city. And so many bloggers have already posted about their Nate Day experiences that I feel it just might be more of the same.

Se here’s my view in a nutshell… interspersed with some cool photos.

Moggit Girls and our view at the Nate Berkus Set

I had the most amazing time thanks to Joy and Janet aka @moggitgirls and Julie aka @creategirl who took a dream and made it real. Thanks to @Nate_Berkus who responded to the dream and invited all the design bloggers to the show. Then Anne Sage and Crystal Gentilello of Rue Magazine were kind enough to invite all of us to their fantastic launch party at the Century Furniture showroom in the New York Design Center.

Maybelline Te, Liz Orgera, Jessica Ryan, me, Marcy Feld, Marcy Michaud, Jonathan Legate

I met people I would never have had a chance to meet – all in one place, all at one time all a train ride away to the Big Apple. Here are some of us, including my very special guest and dear friend, Jessica Ryan of The Entertaining House. I made unbelievable lasting friendships and all because of a movement on social media. This from the gal who said I would never use a tool that was called Twitter, that it just reminded me of an over-chatty bird and so who could possibly take it seriously…

Speaking of birds, I will now be sitting in my corner eating a healthy dose of crow…join me?

People I met on Twitter who I thought well jeez…  that person is on a bit of a downer. Well, in real life they were. People who I met on Twitter and thought this person is just the nicest person in the whole world. Well in real life, if it’s even possible, they were even nicer! Whoa…that just blows my mind. That you can build relationships in 140 characters. I will never tweet with these people again without remembering our time together.

With ever charming, fashion forward, so much fun Jonathan Legate at New York Design Center

The second amazing gift of the week was the realization that I could let it all go – the housework, cooking dinners, childcare, billing, blogging and the countless other ways entrepreneurs are tied to a computer, blackberry, you name it – so that I could do something special for myself. I missed my family terribly, don’t get me wrong, but I did enjoy “unplugging” for the week and spending long stretches of time learning about design or new places and most especially about new people.

I won’t recount the long to do list for today, but rather I will break it down in to chunks and just keep slowly working on it. Though I woke up late and my first thought was I am so far behind I can’t possibly go to the gym, I took the time for me any way. It all could wait another hour.

Shopping with Amy - such fun!

The third lesson was that when you are doing what you love, it doesn’t feel at all like work. Because the week in the city was still about work. I was completely immersed in the interior design world for the entire week. And yet it felt like a vacation! That’s a beautiful thing.

So @moggitgirls @creategirl and @Nate_Berkus – when is the sequel? Because yes, even though there were a few small stumbling blocks and things were not just as perfect as many of us envisioned them – isn’t that real life? – I would do it all over again! Just to spend the time, the glorious hours, getting to know each and every design blogger that I met, and some that I did not, face to face.

Interior Design Bloggers Gather in NYC

I can’t believe the excitement in NYC as a group of nearly 100 design bloggers are gathered for the Nate Berkus Show today.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activities as most of us were already in town.

After meeting my cousin for lunch, I interviewed several people at the D and D Building for some future posts on the latest in interior design this fall. Then I headed to 85 Broads Rockstar Mingle at the top of the Beekman Hotel. What a gorgeous space! And the views through the beautiful windows were unbelievable. Apparently, you can go out on a deck with even better views, but everyone was having far too much fun meeting and mingling in the bar to leave. Looking forward to the next gathering.

Then I headed to the New York Design Center for the launch party of Rue Magazine in the Century Furniture showroom – thanks for hosting!

The United Nations is having their General Assembly, so I was headed on foot. Co-founders Anne Sage and Crystal Gentilello, upon hearing that the design bloggers were descending on the city, were kind enough to invite all of us.

Every time I turned around I was seeing yet another design blogger I follow on social media, most on Twitter. It was better than a high school reunion.

Thanks to Chanee Vijay we have a design bloggers face book, so we could study who we were meeting.

Thanks to Amy Chalmers we will have good old-fashioned name tags for those of us who had trouble memorizing nearly 100 faces on the list!

And thanks to Camila Pavone and The Nest we have an amazing after-hours party planned.

We all agreed that the real story has changed. It is no longer just about being a part of the audience at the Nate Berkus show. I am not saying we are not all still really excited about seeing Nate. The story is the amazing power of social media bringing people together who might never have met otherwise. Here is a group of us who tweet and follow each other’s blogs and have become part of our lives, for me from 8-11pm!

We live in Chicago, Indiana, Texas, North Carolina, Canada and so many other places. And yet we were all gathered in one room, a giant design bloggers tweet-up, having the time of our lives. We aren’t just hanging out on social media in any more. Now we are all friends.

Ok off to meet the gang for a much needed coffee. More soon…

Why I am not Posting about Interior Design Today

Funny title no? I am sure it’s not quite what you expected.

jhaviv, new york city, skyline(photo: Jhaviv)

But I am in the midst of getting ready for a big interior design next week in the city. That would be New York City aka The Big Apple. It’s going to be a fun-filled week. And that means spending some time in my closet deciding exactly what to wear for each event – a gal and her shoes!

First, I am interviewing Jeff Orley of Orley Shabahang about the latest in their gorgeous antique and contemporary persian carpets. Working on one other blog “interview” but won’t release the details until it’s completely set up. Then I am headed to the Rockstar Mingle with 85 Broads. And that’s just Monday…

Tuesday, I am spending the morning at Imagine University with ASID Metro NY. I had planned to spend the entire day there, but I received this absolutely amazing invitation to be a part of the design bloggers’ audience at the … drum roll… Nate Berkus Show! I am over the moon excited not only to see Nate’s show but to meet so many design bloggers that I have been following on all aspects of social media but especially Twitter. My esteemed guest is Jessica Ryan of The Entertaining House. She is possibly the only person I know who is more excited than I am to be going to this event. There’s an after hours party in the works. I don’t have details yet, but I can’t wait to hear… Sounds like there will be lots of pictures!

See…Nate’s excited too!

Wednesday (and Thursday), I am back with ASID Metro NY for their Design Walk. I am looking forward to some more networking and continuing ed learning. To maintain my allied membership with American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), I am required to complete 6 credit hours of continuing ed. Some great companies including Bisazza, Toto and Hafele will be presenting to and ‘fete’ing us.

In between on Wednesday evening, I am headed to New York Design Center’s What’s New What’s Next, one of my all time favorite design happenings in the city. They have been previewing the amazing afternoon and evening program they have planned for interior designers on their Facebook fan page. I will have to put on my fanciest running shoes for that night!

Speaking of fan pages, there is plenty more design excitement with me on Facebook at Avery Design Interiors. If you like what you see, please “like” me. And let me know if you want me to “like” you…

Ok, so maybe I did post about interior design today!

I love hearing from you. Where do you find your interior design inspiration?

Interior Design on Treasure Thursday: Library Dining

“I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves.”

Anna Quindlen

I love libraries. I love entertaining. I have a long and narrow beautiful but underutilized living room/library and an elegant but far too small dining room for our friends and family. One day soon, I am switching the rooms and I will have a lovely library dining space like these.

library, dining, jonathan adler, domino magazine, interior design, contemporary, color

Jonathan Adler as shown in Domino

library, dining, black, interior design, badgley mishka, elle decor

Badgley Mishka as shown in Elle Decor

dining, library, Maison Classique, traditional, ladder, art, interior design

library, dining, multi-function, contemporary, elegant, grown-up, interior design

library, dining, transitional, interior design, james andrew

by James Andrew

I love to hear from you. What do you think of multi-functional rooms?

Wordless Wednesday: Interior Design and Fall Tablescapes

This weekend we will be bringing out the box of fall decorations. We tend toward a spooky ghosts and pumpkin theme with a five-year old in our house. When we finish decorating, I will post some photos.

Meanwhile enjoy some more grown-up fall decor for those of you who will be entertaining.

Do entertain more. It doesn’t have to be a formal sit-down dinner. Pick a simple theme. Bring out your good china and crystal and mix it with some new quirky fall finds from a local store or with fresh fruit from the green grocer’s. Send your kids out in the yard to find fallen leaves and pine cones to add to your arrangement. Make them a part of the decorating process – kids love to get creative and a little bit messy in the process. Maybe they can even decorate some cupcakes or help you set the table.

I plan to invite over a few friends, set a beautiful table and enjoy a port and cheese tasting party later this fall.

fall, decor, tablescape, pumpkins, color, pinecones

fall, decor, tablescape, pumpkins, simple, white tray, better homes and gardens

I have a white tray or two in my china cabinet and am planning on setting my table with this tablescape this fall. I like its simplicity. It’s a bit modern.

pumpkin, fall, decor, candycorn, kids

This would be my daughter’s favorite! Problem is she would eat all of the candy corn.

fall, decor, pears, table setting, interior design

I love the contrast of the green pears.

fall, decor, color, better homes & gardens, table setting

fall, decor, tablescape, color, pumpkins

martha stewart, centerpiece, fall, decor, pumpkin, gourd

Never would have thought of an orange pepper in my fall arrangement – leave it to the creativity of Martha Stewart!

apples, fall, decor, carolyne roehm, color

For a different twist, what says fall more than mums and apples?

I love to hear from you. How do you set your table for fall?

(photos from,, and general internet)

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