Interior Design: Artist Donald Judd

Interior Designers are always turning to magazines, art exhibits, architecture, well you name it, for inspiration. I was flipping through the pages of the latest Veranda magazine today when I stumbled upon a work by Donald Judd. I had forgotten how much I admire his work.

minimalism, donald judd, 1960s, Chinati, interior design, art, sculpture, installation

Donald Judd

“The art and architecture of the past that we know is that which remains. The best is that which remains where it was painted, placed or built. Most of the art of the past that could be moved was taken by conquerors. Almost all recent art is conquered as soon as it’s made, since it’s first shown for sale and once sold is exhibited as foreign in the alien museums. The public has no idea of art other than that it is something portable that can be bought. There is no constructive effort; there is no cooperative effort. This situation is primitive in relation to a few earlier and better times.”

–Donald Judd

Ohne Tite Stack

I think variations on this stack are my favorite. It’s the simplicity that appeals to me – how it is all about the geometry and the form. As though knowing if you collapsed the stack, they would all fit together perfectly.

Chinati, Texas, aluminum, form, sculpture, art, donald judd

100 Untitled Works in Aluminum

Works from the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, TX. Add this to my must-see list.

donald judd, sculpture, form, St. Louis, outdoors, art

Sculpture in St. Louis

It would be all I could do not to walk through these. I would want the whole ‘six-sided’ experience.

donald judd, furniture, color, art

Corner Chair

This doesn’t look comfortable to sit in, but it’s a great statement piece. I would use it as an end table for books instead.

bookshelf, furniture, color, donald judd


And speaking of books, this is the first bookshelf I’ve seen that would come close to holding all of mine.

donald judd, furniture, art, color

Desk and Chairs

Just for fun… If you click on the photo of the desk and chairs, you will go to a link (by Graydon Parrish and Mikhail Simkin) for a quiz called “Donald Judd or Cheap Furniture?” Is the photo above Donald Judd? Not telling.

donald judd, color, chart, 1989, LEGOs, MOMA, Museum of Modern Art, NYC

At MOMA in 1989

More fun in color and form. I can see why I still love playing with LEGOs…

I love to hear from you. Which artists inspire you?


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