Why I am not Posting about Interior Design Today

Funny title no? I am sure it’s not quite what you expected.

jhaviv, new york city, skyline(photo: Jhaviv)

But I am in the midst of getting ready for a big interior design next week in the city. That would be New York City aka The Big Apple. It’s going to be a fun-filled week. And that means spending some time in my closet deciding exactly what to wear for each event – a gal and her shoes!

First, I am interviewing Jeff Orley of Orley Shabahang about the latest in their gorgeous antique and contemporary persian carpets. Working on one other blog “interview” but won’t release the details until it’s completely set up. Then I am headed to the Rockstar Mingle with 85 Broads. And that’s just Monday…

Tuesday, I am spending the morning at Imagine University with ASID Metro NY. I had planned to spend the entire day there, but I received this absolutely amazing invitation to be a part of the design bloggers’ audience at the … drum roll… Nate Berkus Show! I am over the moon excited not only to see Nate’s show but to meet so many design bloggers that I have been following on all aspects of social media but especially Twitter. My esteemed guest is Jessica Ryan of The Entertaining House. She is possibly the only person I know who is more excited than I am to be going to this event. There’s an after hours party in the works. I don’t have details yet, but I can’t wait to hear… Sounds like there will be lots of pictures!

See…Nate’s excited too!

Wednesday (and Thursday), I am back with ASID Metro NY for their Design Walk. I am looking forward to some more networking and continuing ed learning. To maintain my allied membership with American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), I am required to complete 6 credit hours of continuing ed. Some great companies including Bisazza, Toto and Hafele will be presenting to and ‘fete’ing us.

In between on Wednesday evening, I am headed to New York Design Center’s What’s New What’s Next, one of my all time favorite design happenings in the city. They have been previewing the amazing afternoon and evening program they have planned for interior designers on their Facebook fan page. I will have to put on my fanciest running shoes for that night!

Speaking of fan pages, there is plenty more design excitement with me on Facebook at Avery Design Interiors. If you like what you see, please “like” me. And let me know if you want me to “like” you…

Ok, so maybe I did post about interior design today!

I love hearing from you. Where do you find your interior design inspiration?


6 Responses to “Why I am not Posting about Interior Design Today”

  1. Sarah Devaney-O'Neil Says:

    What an incredible week you have planned Catherine! Can’t wait to read your “post posts”..:-) ~ sarah

  2. EntertainingMom Says:

    You are TOO funny! Yes, I am way more excited than you are! That is Nate with his arms wide open, ready to give me a big fat juicy hug!!!!

  3. Wanda Horton Says:

    I get my inspiration from other designers, like you, Catherine! I so enjoyed sharing our conversation, all about the world of interior design, the other day. 🙂 I’ll miss being able to meet you, in person, but I know someday our paths will cross and it will be a wonderful time! Have a great time will you’re in NYC! Can’t wait to see your updates. – Hugs and all my best to you! Wanda H.

    • averydesigninteriors Says:

      The only thing that would have made Nate Day better was you being there to share it with us! One way or another I must make it down to High Point Market soon. It was my absolute pleasure to chat with you the other night. Please feel free to call any time. I always enjoy our chats!

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