Interior Design Bloggers Gather in NYC

I can’t believe the excitement in NYC as a group of nearly 100 design bloggers are gathered for the Nate Berkus Show today.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activities as most of us were already in town.

After meeting my cousin for lunch, I interviewed several people at the D and D Building for some future posts on the latest in interior design this fall. Then I headed to 85 Broads Rockstar Mingle at the top of the Beekman Hotel. What a gorgeous space! And the views through the beautiful windows were unbelievable. Apparently, you can go out on a deck with even better views, but everyone was having far too much fun meeting and mingling in the bar to leave. Looking forward to the next gathering.

Then I headed to the New York Design Center for the launch party of Rue Magazine in the Century Furniture showroom – thanks for hosting!

The United Nations is having their General Assembly, so I was headed on foot. Co-founders Anne Sage and Crystal Gentilello, upon hearing that the design bloggers were descending on the city, were kind enough to invite all of us.

Every time I turned around I was seeing yet another design blogger I follow on social media, most on Twitter. It was better than a high school reunion.

Thanks to Chanee Vijay we have a design bloggers face book, so we could study who we were meeting.

Thanks to Amy Chalmers we will have good old-fashioned name tags for those of us who had trouble memorizing nearly 100 faces on the list!

And thanks to Camila Pavone and The Nest we have an amazing after-hours party planned.

We all agreed that the real story has changed. It is no longer just about being a part of the audience at the Nate Berkus show. I am not saying we are not all still really excited about seeing Nate. The story is the amazing power of social media bringing people together who might never have met otherwise. Here is a group of us who tweet and follow each other’s blogs and have become part of our lives, for me from 8-11pm!

We live in Chicago, Indiana, Texas, North Carolina, Canada and so many other places. And yet we were all gathered in one room, a giant design bloggers tweet-up, having the time of our lives. We aren’t just hanging out on social media in any more. Now we are all friends.

Ok off to meet the gang for a much needed coffee. More soon…


2 Responses to “Interior Design Bloggers Gather in NYC”

  1. Content in a Cottage Says:

    Catherine . . . What a whirlwind day with your social network friends. Fun too.
    I look forward to hearing more. Thanks for stopping by the cottage today.

    • averydesigninteriors Says:

      Thanks so much for visiting me at my blog, Rosemary! I so enjoy reading your posts as well.
      Stay tuned…there will be many posts over the next week about what I learned during my whirlwind tour of the city.

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