Nate Berkus Day and so much more… Interior Design Recap

New York City…lunch with my cousin…Rue Magazine launch party…Nate Berkus Show…after party at the Collective…ASID Metro NY’s Design Walk…New York Design Center’s What’s New What’s Next…countless visits to design showrooms and shops…

Monday through Thursday was an amazing whirlwind time in the city. By now, if you are connected in any way to design in the blogosphere, you have read countless posts and tweets about the design bloggers’ dream week in New York City for the Nate Berkus Show. Design bloggers came in from all over the country, Canada, the UK and as far as Poland? or was it Finland?

Truly, my brain is still mush in recovery from the jam-packed fun-filled week in the city. And so many bloggers have already posted about their Nate Day experiences that I feel it just might be more of the same.

Se here’s my view in a nutshell… interspersed with some cool photos.

Moggit Girls and our view at the Nate Berkus Set

I had the most amazing time thanks to Joy and Janet aka @moggitgirls and Julie aka @creategirl who took a dream and made it real. Thanks to @Nate_Berkus who responded to the dream and invited all the design bloggers to the show. Then Anne Sage and Crystal Gentilello of Rue Magazine were kind enough to invite all of us to their fantastic launch party at the Century Furniture showroom in the New York Design Center.

Maybelline Te, Liz Orgera, Jessica Ryan, me, Marcy Feld, Marcy Michaud, Jonathan Legate

I met people I would never have had a chance to meet – all in one place, all at one time all a train ride away to the Big Apple. Here are some of us, including my very special guest and dear friend, Jessica Ryan of The Entertaining House. I made unbelievable lasting friendships and all because of a movement on social media. This from the gal who said I would never use a tool that was called Twitter, that it just reminded me of an over-chatty bird and so who could possibly take it seriously…

Speaking of birds, I will now be sitting in my corner eating a healthy dose of crow…join me?

People I met on Twitter who I thought well jeez…  that person is on a bit of a downer. Well, in real life they were. People who I met on Twitter and thought this person is just the nicest person in the whole world. Well in real life, if it’s even possible, they were even nicer! Whoa…that just blows my mind. That you can build relationships in 140 characters. I will never tweet with these people again without remembering our time together.

With ever charming, fashion forward, so much fun Jonathan Legate at New York Design Center

The second amazing gift of the week was the realization that I could let it all go – the housework, cooking dinners, childcare, billing, blogging and the countless other ways entrepreneurs are tied to a computer, blackberry, you name it – so that I could do something special for myself. I missed my family terribly, don’t get me wrong, but I did enjoy “unplugging” for the week and spending long stretches of time learning about design or new places and most especially about new people.

I won’t recount the long to do list for today, but rather I will break it down in to chunks and just keep slowly working on it. Though I woke up late and my first thought was I am so far behind I can’t possibly go to the gym, I took the time for me any way. It all could wait another hour.

Shopping with Amy - such fun!

The third lesson was that when you are doing what you love, it doesn’t feel at all like work. Because the week in the city was still about work. I was completely immersed in the interior design world for the entire week. And yet it felt like a vacation! That’s a beautiful thing.

So @moggitgirls @creategirl and @Nate_Berkus – when is the sequel? Because yes, even though there were a few small stumbling blocks and things were not just as perfect as many of us envisioned them – isn’t that real life? – I would do it all over again! Just to spend the time, the glorious hours, getting to know each and every design blogger that I met, and some that I did not, face to face.


10 Responses to “Nate Berkus Day and so much more… Interior Design Recap”

  1. ABC Dragoo Says:

    I really AM THAT PASSIONATE about that tomato sauce! Not kidding, I might even say it’s the best store bought variety I have come across.

    Great post, and thanks for the link love Catherine ~ it was fun to shop with you ~ and introduce you to Michele Varian’s beautiful shop.

    • averydesigninteriors Says:

      I can’t wait to try the tomato sauce Amy!
      You are such a great sport to let me take a goofy photo of you. Of course in your gorgeous dress you could hardly look all that goofy!
      I am sorting through the photos and plan to post about the design of Limelight Marketplace tomorrow.
      I feel so fortunate to have gotten to spend so much time checking out stores with you. We have to plan another NYC tour day soon.
      All the best,

  2. Rob Says:

    It looks like you had a great time, Catherine!

    There was a time when I too couldn’t see where 140 characters could get me. The same goes for blogging, actually. But, the power of connections is undeniable. And the realization that there are other people out there who have the same goals is often the start of lasting alliances, and even friendships.

    That’s the sort of ROI that doesn’t appear on the balance sheet. And yet, connections like the ones you’ve made, and I’ve made, adds all sorts of value that can often make a real difference in terms of how one approaches one’s work and measures success, too.

    Thanks for the post!

    • averydesigninteriors Says:

      Thanks for stopping by again, Rob. It’s wonderful to know I have a champion at builddirect.
      Yes we have both made amazing connections through social media – business collaborations, friendships, education, you name it…
      I agree that it is a bit of a phantom ROI but social media has provided me with unbelievable PR opportunities as well.
      And yes, I had a wonderful time. Stay tuned…there’s plenty more to come on my unbelievable week in New York City!
      Kind regards,

  3. maybelline Says:

    Thank you for the gift of your friendship and happy we all came together! It was meant to happen and we made it happen!

  4. marcy Says:

    What a wonderful week in NYC! So happy to be a part of it and to be able to call you my friend. The power of Twitter along with the connections and friendships it has afforded us is priceless!

    • averydesigninteriors Says:

      Thanks so much Marcy! I feel the same way. I so enjoyed spending time with you, especially dinner at Haru with you and May and lunch with the group at Le Pain Quotidien and…and…the list goes on.
      Hope we can get together again soon!
      Kind regards,

  5. Cynthia Mason Says:

    Catherine – wow what a week you had! It looked like so much fun, wish I could have been there. And so true about the connections made online and how the reality tracks with the twitter voice. Amazing, isn’t it?

  6. Janice Shannon Says:

    Loved reading about you and Jessica…Am I twitting?? I don’t know a blog from a twit!! Let me know when I’m getting techy!! Great articles about the t.v. show. I have not seen it yet but I am going home and recording it. Glad you had such a great week.

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